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A true Chicago techno and house artist with some of the best labels in the world like PeaceFrog, ProJEx, Primate, UKR, EUR, Mona, Djax, Isophlux, Reel Musiq, Subspace, Majesty, Elypsia, R&S and many more. His tracks have been played by some of the biggest names in the business as well, and appear regularly in DJ sets all over the world.
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-Invasion Remix with Mike Dearborn
DJAX (Holland) 93
-Transexual Remix (for Armando)
Radikal Fear (PIAS) 96
-She EP
Peacefrog (UK) 96
-Big Booty EP
Peacefrog (UK) 96
-Disturbed EP
Primate (UK) 96
-Headgames EP
Clubcraft (UK) 97
-Foot message EP (as Footmaster)
Majesty (Chicago) 97
-Comfort Zone EP
R&S (Belgium) 97
-Nightcrawler EP
R&S (Belgium) 98
-Untitled double EP
Elypsia (Belgium) 98
-Exit Michigan Ave EP
Minimalistix (Belgium) 98
-Arc of Infinity EP (as Crunchman)
Subspace (Netherlands) 99
-Shagadelic Ep (as DJ Clit)
Checkpoint (UK) 99
-Smelly Crotch EP
Intense (Belgium) 99
-I Don’t Think EP
Step 2 House (France) 99
-Sorcerer EP
Sublime / Reel Musiq (Japan) 99
-as Tiki Rodrae
Step 2 House (France) 01
- FIJI / Plastic City (USA) 01
-Lowroller EP
Surface (France) 00
-Always EP
Minimalistix (Belgium) 01
-I was there EP
Magik Gruuv (USA) 01
-Love Is
FIJI 018 / Plastic City (USA) 01
-What I’ve done
isophlux (USA) 02
-Puddy EP
paparratzi (sweetzerland) 02
-Chicago MF EP
ProJex (UK) 02
-twist dat azz ep
pro jex (UK) 02
-deep and dark
isophlux (USA) 03
-Signal Strength EP
Trax Café (USA) 03
-performance EP
Majesty (USA) 03
-fitness chick EP
Framework (USA) 03
-do that EP
Sublime (japan) 03
-resurrector EP
ProJex (UK) 03
-ghetto fabulous EP
DJAX (Netherlands) 11/03
*welcome EP
*glimpse EP
elektrax recordings seriously techno "house moves"
two 2009 EP's
inari + remixes
various releases
LittleNobody - JassMuzak remix
LittleNobody - Compulsion remix
lotzik - imba remix
andrea festa - king roma remix
LITTLE NOBODY - Metropolis How? remix
LUKE'S ANGER - Several Sizes Too Big remix
Metropolis How? Ulterior Remix Selection (EXCLUSIVE)
-Wiggle (primate release) on DJ Fumiya Tanaka's
-mix-up vol 4 cd
-It's a damn shame (peacefrog) on
-essential mix dj sneak
-karnival by ibi remix appearing on
-'jack' CD - pro jex '03
-Delicous (pro Jex) appeariong on Pro Jex mix up cd
-DJ RUSH 03'
-The Sorcerer (Reel Musiq) appearing on RM6+ dj mix
-Rebus Tape 03'
-2 tracks on "Do You Like It Hard" mix cd
-dj bam bam
-Several tracks played on essential mix sets 
-dave Clarke
-"Wiggle" on Origins Of Man (Made Noise)
-PRIMATE recordings (UK)
-"I Don't Think" on dj mix Didier Sinclair
-Step 2 House (france)
-Armando transaxual remix The Kinky Trax Collection
-REACT mix cd 91 (Belgium)
-Armando transaxual remix on Raveline Compilation
-Sub Terranean (germany)
-What a damn shame on EM341 - 26th March 2000
-DJ Sneak,USA
-Klassic Ckit & Low roller on Neil Landstrumm
-Sputnik Turntable Day
*remix & master: Martin Mueller EP 08
Nueton 08
white noise dj mix sat april 12th 2008 - download
- dave clarke white noise radio show
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