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hitman - i actually enjoyed this one a lot. Why you ask? Because I get tired of the assassin movies where we catch the hitman at the point of his career where this is the 'last job' and everyone he kills brings deep guilt. THere's none of that here. I love lone assassin movies and books (you have to read the John Rain series by Barry Eisler), and I also dig the video game series which this move is based on. It's r-rated filled with senseless violence and killing based on the same "you F me over and I'll burn you" tag in which the hitman has been betrayed by the people who give him jobs. Timothy Olyphant is great as agent 47. He doesn't understand human chick behavior, and just wants to rub bad guys out. Dougray Scott, who you may remember from MIssion Impossible 2, is the police guy who been on 47's trail. Finally you have the stunning Olga Kurylenko (who's in the new BOnd flick) walking around half naked, naked, and sometimes clothed giving 47 a hard time remaining celibate, The movie is shot nicely, has a good pace to it, and doesn't try to get all heavy on you. And this is one assassin who will pull the trigger in a minute, and then go to subway to eat fresh. CHeck it out, worth viewing if you like r-rated action. I know it will never happen but a sequel would be nice.
Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou -This is a quirky film. Bill Murray is basically Bill Murray for s hours. A oceanographer on a quest to find the deadly fish which killed his friend (it was tagged) accompanied by a mix and match crew. Luckily this crew is acted out by a great supporting cast. Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum with direction by the always cool strange Wes Anderson.
ultraviolet - Late to watching this one. As much as I like chicks kicking ass in movies and television shows, I guess there's a place you can take it which gets so ridiculous you have to finish the flick cuz you started it. Ultraviolet is kind of like "Shoot em up", which came out a few years after this one. It's a video game where the lead actor is in God mode. THere's a story in there somewhere about a virus and a kid who's either bad for us or good for us. All I really remember really are the close ups on goddess Milla Jovovich's tight abs and barely there ass. Everything else is a motion blur.
Doctor Who - The Fires of Pompeii - Have to mention this episode even though the seasons not even half way done. WHat an extraordinary episode of TV. Like how Dr Who used to be before all the horny assistants. Sci Fi and nuthing but Sci Fi. David Tennant is really working his way up my favorite Doctor list, and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) is a refreshing change to the show. I don't know anything about Catherine Tate other than the dr who xmas special she was in and that's great cuz she gets a lot of negative press thrown her way for reason's I don't get. 2 episodes in to the new season and I'm glad there is no Rose n Martha aboard the TARDIS. They were good in their own right but it seemed the focus of the show became these little love triangles. Judging from the first tow episodes on the new season it looks like there;s going to be from great WHO to come. The Fires of Pompeii is as close to perfect your going to get for a 45 minute episode of Doctor Who (in the 60's thru 90's Doctor Who episodes were basically 100 minute movies), and that ain' t easy. I hope Russell Davies continues to let outside writers shine. That's when Doctor Who is at it's best. Russell seems to be a much better producer than writer,at least in the Dr Who universe. Looking forward to the rest! -mar 08: so far so good, really loving this season.
war inc - You might be thinking gross point blank sequel from the trailers. Not so. What you got here is a movie that hardcore fans of Cusack will like, and that's about it. I like Cusack (in certain roles) and I liked War Inc. Nothing I need to see again. It has it's moments. Marisa Tomie still looks like a woman worth worshiping. Hilary Duff is way out of character as a exploited russian singer. You got Cusack's sister and some Dan Akroyd thrown in. The story is a mess, no doubt. If your a fan hopelessy waiting for a sequel to gross point blank you'll enjoy the movie. That's the only way I can really review this flick. Good luck trying to market this opening weekend.
MoonLight - Well you get a great show not rooted in cops, lawyers, crime scene investigation, dancing or singing and guess what. 1 season and your done. Too bad. Alex O'Loughlin is great as the lead Vamp. He adds another dimension to the legend of the vampire. I remember Sophia Myles from a great episode of the revived Doctor Who The Girl in the Fireplace & the classic Underworld movies, and my my is she good here. My favorite character however is Jason Dohring's Josef. He's Nicks best freind, a vampire, and really enjoying the eternal life thing. It's pretty impressive a vampire show can stand out on it's own after the buffy/angel run, but moonlight did it. Not once did I think about those (great) shows while watching the Moonlight pilot. It's that good. The action scenes were well done and finally vampires were shown as bad asses like the books I've read. My sister almost weeped when she got the news it was cancelled. I told her to get used to it. I've seen some excellent shows get axed that make you wonder what is television all about these days? Farscape, Arrested Development, Angel....so many shows killed before their time. But hey, Smallville, which I think is a insult to fans of the superman legacy, will have gotten 8 seasons to tell it's dull repetitive story (C'mon.....It's clark n Lois, not Clark n Lana. 7 seasons on that junk? And really, so what if Lex knows CLarks Season, Clark could take him some place where they would NEVER find the body......sorry, I'm bitching) because it's on the right network to do so. I think the producers of Moonlight should have gotten a green light for the show on another network but I know Joel Silver (who must be feeling the pain after speed racer's take) thought he had the Jerry Bruckheimer touch. Moonlight is better served on the sci fi channel or the CW...even FOX. I hope it does find an audiance and can be revived before the cast makes other arrangements. I'd rush Season 1 on DVD as fast as posible. Great show, and big props to the writers n producers for making vampires interesting again!
Norbit - When your rich n Hollywood powerful youcan do just about anything you want. Norbit is a classic example of this. The Murphy Brothers took idea number #456 and made a movie on it. It's light hearted and at time funny, but overall you can see that this movie is like one of the filler songs on a great album. Compared to the better Eddie Murphy movies, this one is just a paycheck. In the lines of brothers who have to dress up as big black women no one does it like Eddie he seems to have both gender sttributes and mannerisms down to a tee. I'm sure overweight african american women didn't like what was on display here, especially when the total contrast is cute cream colored ultra petite Thandie Newton as the 'girl that should have been'. OVerall a worthy rental. The parts when they show Norbit's childhood are so sweet (young norbit and his orphan soulmate sweetheart even pooped together...awwwww) that you kind of wonder what would a full fledge children's movie be like directed by Eddie Murphy.
the sentinel - About as good as average movies get. Jack Bauer, the falling down / wallstreet dude, a credible Eva Longoria Parker and some more nutjobs who want to take out the president. Good pace, nice plot and another one of those action star vehicles for a guy who should probally be playing someone's dad in flicks. Good movie.
The L Word - Got Seasons 1 - 5 asa birthday gift from a freind. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
The Sopranos (complete series) - It's the kind of show that will be required reading for film and television students and writers. The remarkable thing about the Sopranos is that it makes unlikable people likable. I'm not going to lie, I'm quite satisfied with the way the show ended. I liked being able to look thru the hidden camera into the lives of these fictional mob folks. The Sopranos was very much a show about family as well as 'the business'. Every character in the show had deep moral flaws, and the majority of the female characters were masochistic animals and the men sociopaths.  The children are spoiled and ungrateful, and when they become aware of what their family represents, just like mom they turn the other cheek. Fascinating stuff because despite these ugly characters you can't take your eye's away from them. I know a lot of people looked forward to seeing who was going to be wacked next.  For me it was everything that happened in between the wacking that kept my glued.  There was a balance in the story vs the violence which I liked.  Also I liked the realistic way they portrayed the whole mob and the money they earned.  Sometimes these guys are ‘check to check’ too.   The wise guys in this flick are like the one’s in Ghostdog, way of the samuri.  They aren’t as rich as you think, and everyone is capable of bad mistakes at a moment’s notice.  These are really screwed up people trying to find a balance in life predicated my murder and loss (SO many funerals).   The guest characters and new cast additions  that were introduced over the seasons were so good.  My goodness.  Annabella Sciorra (damn did she look yummy), Alla Kliouka Schaffer, Julianna Margulies, Steve Buscemi….the list goes on and on.  These people all acted their asses off.  The show would never work without James Gandolfini & Edie Falco.  These 2 actors bring a rare something to a tv series.  They know how to play 2 faced characters so well.  Just like the rest of the cast, it was never what they said, it was always what they do that defines who they are.  Lorraine Bracco’s Dr Melfi was so fascinated about Tony Soprano and is dual life that it took all 6 season to realize just how twisted that was.  To make a long review short, if you haven’t seen the Sopranos, your lucky because you are in a position to go out and get all 6 seasons and be entertained on a level you won’t see again for some time.  A truly remarkable and amazing show.  I hope they end up doing a movie.

The Matador - As you can see I'm catching up on flicks that have been in my 'to watch' list. I liked this movie a lot. Of course I get wet  for just about any assassin flick, but it's the one like these which offer more than just a psycho for hire that end up being the most interesting. Like Gross Point Blank you meet an assassin who's on his last roll. Peirce Bronson should have gotten a nomination for this role. It's so good and understated that you don't think of anything else he's been in, and he's been in some biggy's (007, Thomas crown affair). I like movies were the characters are honest while the story can be dishonest. The character stays the same while the story changes around them.  Nice. In other words The Matador is more of a character study. In fact, you really only see them main 3 characters the whole movie, with the fourth dropping in for about 2 minutes about 3 times during the movie.   Greg Kinnear, who I never really noticed before this movie, is really good as the ‘average guy’. He has as sweet wife, a decent job, a 14 year old marriage that seems to be going great.  Behind it is a tragedy and without spoiling anything, lets just say I think that the movie does a great job showing what people are capable of doing given the right circumstances.  Hope Davis is really good too.  Her character adjusts to the new ‘friend’ in her husband’s life in a way that was kind of unexpected.   I think the Matador is almost like a play on screen. Don’t expect shoot outs and high tech gadgetry.  It’s not trying to be that.  It’s an acting ensemble, and a movie more about friendship than anything else.  Peirce Bronson does a great job of creating a character that you believe from beginning to the end, and the supporting cast does a great job in keeping everything honest and interesting.  No cheap tricks.  Great flick.

HELLBOY 2 - Almost forgot to review this one. That's all I have to say about it. Well.....I have to mention Selma Blair is such a hot looking broken girl. What a shit flick. Don't waste your cash. Get some tracks off Itunes instead. First one had promise, but they should let this series die now.
The Incredible Hulk - I bet this one was a marvel achievement in editing. From what I understand there was a lot of re-writes and hours of unused footage thanks to Edward Norton's hands in the script and direction. Still though it was a good movie. The Hulk finally has someone to go up against who can equal him in strength, even if it's just a human with hulk sickness. Some great homage parts to the old tv show, and Banner on the run was also nice. The final battle could have been much better to me. A simple fist fight and behind the back choke hold just doesn't do it when you know all the 'incredible' things these creatures can do. Hulk was dummied down as a character as well, where was the growing rage? Part of the fun with the Hulk is that you ultimately know he's the ULTIMATE super hero. He's basically unstoppable. The more pissed he gets the stronger he gets. For the sake of the 'redo' movie they toned this down I guess to make the character more believable. Pity. Overall a good flick, I hope they do another one with a better script.

Quantum of Solace - I don't know. Critics really are on the opposite side of the fence when it comes to a lot of today's entertainment. Take the new Bond flick. I've read how about just how "brutal' it is. Apparently secret agents with a license to kill aren't suppose to be doing any killing. I thought it was an occupational hazard....you now in the art imitating real life kind of way. NO see, according to these fossil critics, James Bond is suppose to stumble his way thru ridiculous gadgets, ridiculous plots, crusty actors, gimmick villains and recently boring American actresses, ect ect. Pussies. I don’t know why the Bourne movies get a free pass and these new bonds don't. I love the Bourne series but how many times is he going to do what he has to do and then sit and almost cry about what he is (something I hope they lose for the up and coming 4th installment of the series) when the audience already accepts him just the way he is. Lethal, deadly, cunning, smart and capable of killiing anyone who stands in his way. Not cute, cuddley and qick to crack a joke. Quite simply, Quantum of Solace is great film and a nice sequel to Casino Royale.  Props to the director.  I had my doubts with the plot picking up directly where Casino left off, but as it turns out its a logical follow up to the wonderful re-boot they have done the Bond. Sean Connery will always be my favorite Bond (From Russia with love....repsect), and Daniel Craig has the potential to be held on the same high standard. If you enjoyed Casino Royale then get your ass to the theater before it's gone.

Once - As a music producer, this was a treat. As a sucker for REAL romance it also impressed me. The ending was the stuff that true love is made of, and for those who have seen this know what I'm talking about. The movie is basically about Love. Love of what you can do in life, and the love you can find in another human soul. It's real love, and Real love is forever and effects the heart to the core. Finding someone who can bring that to you, no matter how long or short it may be, is something to hope for in life. Simple story. Boy and girl musicians find magic in the music they create. Girl completes boy. Great flick, great soundtract, and great direction. I'm amazed at what these non americanized directors can do with film on a shoe string budget. Check it out..
The Day the earth stood still - just remember, after you watch this, you'll never get that precious time back. The original is still the best. Skip this unless you must see 5 minutes of the big robot or the adobe after effects dissolve used again in a movie.
Zodiac - Ok, obviously David Fincher is one of the great directors of my time. But honestly after this movie was over I asked myself why in the hell did i need to see this. Its as vague as a movie can get. If you like your flicks long, drawn out with a shitty ending, then this one's for you. Great cast though.
Taken - I saw this one while in Europe. In watching this movie I think I came twice. My kind of action movie. I get tired of these pussy wimpy pg-13 action flicks. Case in point, I just saw the trailer for Max Payne, which is a movie based on a extremely violent cool video game series. Everything looks like it might add up to something good until you get the "rated pg-13" graphic at the end of the trailer. NO matter how good, violent & risky they try to make it the final audience they are shooting for is a 13 year old boy or girl. Sounds silly doesn't it? Rarely does it pan out (the Bourne series is the only thing to come in mind, but guns aren't used much in those flicks), and it makes for a forgettable experience. Taken was inspiring. I had no idea Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) had it in him to pull off such a physical role. THe plot is so simple a goldfish could follow it. Scum kidnaps Qui-Gon's daughter. Bad move cuz the daughter's dad is a retired CIA badass. Once the kidnapping takes place you have an hour and 15 minutes of testosterone up their on the screen as Qui-Gon goes after the men who took his daughter. He tried to warn them that he's a pliers and blow torch kind of guy, but they never listen. You can tell this movie was not american made by the type of violence it uses. This guy will inflict pain of take the life aof anyone who stands in his way, and for the most part you can't blame him considering his situation. THe violence is the star of the movie, no doubt. It's choreographed in a way where you can tell whats happening, and the fight scenes scream 'take your opponent out as fast as possible'. A joy to watch. Buy the DVD when it comes out. It moves so fast that you'll have no problem with repeat viewings. Oh yeah, there's a supporting cast, the xmen/bond girl plays Qui-Gon's ex wife and that guy thats always the villian or dickhead in movies or tv shows...he got a t-1000 shiv thru his skull in terminator 2.....they are all right for the 5 minutes of screen time they have. Make no mistake, this is a "see the good guy punish the bad buys" type of flick. Liam.....respect man.  Respect.
Star Trek 2009 - I paid for a $5 matinee to see this. Therefore seeing what I paid for it, I can't complain. I got my money's worth. Had I paid a cent more I would have to say this. This Star Trek reboot is along the lines of TV"s Smallville. Top notch production values, excellent special effects, Stellar choice in casting, strong foundation...it's all there. Unfortunately just like Smallville there is a lot that's just wrong. This is another one of those time travel plot devices. In the Star Trek universe there is more time travel than there is in Doctor Who. Take any major character in the series and chances are in due time they will bump into a younger or older version of themselves. Everything worked in Star Trek except the plot. If you actually think about it, it's about as dumb as you can get....when you think about it. If you don't think about it, then this will be "this year's IROM MAN" as one critic pointed out. There is nothing wrong with the character interaction, the young versions of the enterprise crew we know of. Its just obvious that JJ Abrahams has his own ideas for Star Trek. Instead of telling a well paced story about how this great cast of characters first joined the enterprise, what you get is a rush job with a little Leonard Nimoy thrown in just to make sure its all legit. It was too much, and there was too many lucky coincidences. It kind felt like you were watching an animated Star trek show (with amazing special effects.....they mos def got that right), aimed at 10 year olds. I really wanted to like this movie a whole lot, and I had money set aside to see it at least 2 more times. 1 viewing was enough unfortunately. After watching the greatness that was Battlestar Galactica, I feel let down by this latest reboot of the Star Trek series. This was clearly made in an attempt to get kids 14 and under involved in Star Trek again. I think they will get the interest, and of course if they make another one I'll be there in the theater to see it. I measure the great movies in repeated viewing potential. Great reboot job, but once was enough. A 2009 Star Trek should have delivered way more than this did. Come with it for the sequel.

Torchwood : Children of the earth mini series - After watching this 5 part series I realize that a large part of the problem of todays scripted TV is that there are too many episodes to air to have constant high quality.  Sure there are shows that are the exception, but the majority of scripted TV out there just isn’t that good. Maybe they should cut these 22 episodes seasons in half.  Throw out the BS episodes.   I don’t know why Torchwood, with this being technically season 3, would only air 5 episodes.  Budget problems probably, cuz the same is being done with Doctor Who, the show Torchwood came from.  This was really good.  No complaints at all good.  Watched all 5 episodes in a row nonstop good.  Russell T Davies really outdid himself with this one.  This is the same guy who reduced Davros to a cartoon character and actually had the Tardis Tow the earth back across the Galaxy to the Milky way.  If there was no Happy Days that would be defined as the new Jump the Shark.  With COTE he’s created a wonderful story, and I’m glad he realized that good story arcs always require major losses and sacrifice.  The whole feeling you get watching this is dread. WIth the events that transpired in this episode, Captain Jack became The Doctor.  It's an instant sci-fi classic.  The basic premise is the Aliens of the unseen kind have come to earth for our Children.  The reason they want them is just great writing.  The version of Torchwood you get now is not the all seeing all powerful all knowing.  After last season’s finale they lost half their staff, so they are just down to the main 3.  It’s a great series, and I hope they get a season 4 or another miniseries.  Check it out.

X-Men Origins Wolverine - Well, Im glad I didn't pay to see it in the theater. It's another one of those incredibly average movies that should have been spectacular. This movie wouldn't have been out of place on the new 'syfy' channel. Wolverine in the comics is a rich tapestry of character, background and plot. This movie made seeing how Wolive came to be kind of boring. The plot is phoned in, you know when things are going to happen. THe pg-13 rating is a problem too cuz Wolive really can't go bezerk like he does in the comics. There was a part near the end where he was in full animal mode. The reso of the movie should have treated him that way. A movie like this you should remember something from it after it's over. I didn't, and there's no need to watch it again. What a shame, the cast is good. Oh well. Rent, don't buy.

2012 – like most of Emmericks flicks, the money shots are all in the trailers.  Beyond what you saw in the trailer there isn’t much more to this flick.  The message is clear though, you want to survive the end of the world, you better be filthy rich.  The escape from the collapsing house scene is by far some of the best destruction ever committed to film.  It’s truly amazing what they can do in Hollywood now.  Its too bad the rest of it doesn’t hold up.  John Cusack should be making more Gross Point Blanke sequels anyway (what the hell was war inc?) instead of these ‘add actor to green screen’ shindigs. 

gi joe  Harmless fun.  It’s for kids.  Would have been much better without the wayan.  I don’t get why Christopher Eccleston left doctor who for bit parts like this flick and 5 minutes of Heroes.  Oh well.  If your 15 or older, try to see this for free :-)
dexter : season 4  Good stuff.  I skipped season 3.  Couldn’t get into Jimmy Smits.  When they announced John Lithgow was going to be the nutjob killer Dexter would be up against I was happy to get back into the show.  Lithgow was excellent as the crazy man with a family.  The girl who plays Dexter’s sister should get some kind of award for her performance this season.  12 episodes of great character drama.  Check it out.
Avatar – You know, this James Caermon guy?  I really respect him.  There aren’t to many directors in Hollywood that will go all out like he does.  I also admire that he doesn’t sit and run off dud movies just cuz he can.  It’s be over 13 years since Titantic was released, and this is his first film since then.  What he created with Avatar, you have to admire that.  You really do.  I actually saw the regular 2d version of the movie via the blu-ray release.  I really enjoyed it.  So much so I fond a theater that was still showing the 3d version of it.  Really enjoyed that as well.  Its the kind of film making that takes you back to the days of the power movies that really put it all up there on the big screen.  Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Alien, Terminator, Speed Racer (that’s right MF’s), The first Matrix, Pulp Fiction…..movies that were created by filmmakers who wanted to show you something you hadn’t seen before.  Avatar is a great film.  Is the story perfect?  No.  Is the Acting on par with Deniro or Streep’s finest preferences?  No.  The truth is, no movie needs to do stuff like that.  The principle task a movie should do is entertain you.  I was thoroughly entertained, and if your one of the people who hasn’t seen this soon to be classic, you should too.  The guy created his own camera’s over a 10 year period just to make this film.  Damn.  I wish all entertainment was along this lines of quality and dedication.  Have you seen the turds lined up for the summer of 2010?   Not good.  Oh yeah, If you want to look at another movie with a similar theme, check out Battle for Tera.
Kick Ass – My kind of flick.  Good escape material.  Big Daddy rocks.  Hit Girl rules.  Red mist (played by McLovin’) reminded me of the evil dude in the incredible for some reason.  This movie was hard to release.  You can tell by the trailers.  If you saw the unrated trailers, the movie was a must see.  If you saw the domestic trailers, which never hinted towards any of the violence in the film, it looked like a made for TV flick for teens.  That's too bad cuz Kick Ass really did a great job of breaking the comic book it was based on down to a good 120 minute action flick.  It posed a interesting concept.  In our modern times, why no super heroes?  Can you think of any real life masked heroes?  I mean the watchman showed us regular human super heroes (Dr Manhattan not included), but Kick Ass asks the question directly.  Needless to say, Chloe Moret steals the show as the psychotic daughter only a Daddy (and the rest of the free world) could love.  Nic Cage, who usually kills a flick unless it a-list directed, is great has her father and partner in crimefighting, Big Daddy.  When they are on the screen your looking at movie magic.  The story isn’t really about them, its about a awkward teen dude trying to figure out how to be extraordinary and get the girl.  I think this movie will make a killing on home video as word of mouth spreads on it.  I hope so, I’d like a sequel.  See it if you get a chance.  You don’t get daring stuff like this too often.  I learned the girl who plays Hit Girl will also be the lead on the american remake of let the right one in.  Nice :-)
Predators -  Pretty good.  To be honest I enjoyed Alien vs Predator Requiem more.  I know this was a better plotted and better sot movie than Requiem.  I just enjoyed Requiem more, even though the cinematographer who shot it should never work in Hollywood again.  Predators would be a start of something good, like if this was the first film and you said, wow the sequel is going to be even better.  But this was a true sequel to Predator 1, and in being that it should have delivered a lot more carnage, tension and Predators.  See it before noon on the discount at the theater.
Resident Evil Extinction -  I keep up with these flicks cuz I’m a fan of Milla Jovovich, and all her stunning splendor.  In fact they have a new one coming in 2010 which I might actually go to the theater to see if the trailer doesn’t play the series cheesy.  This one was a more grounded story.  Well as grounded as this series is going to get, based on a really good series of video games.  Its basically a survival film with all the key players of the first 2 Resident Evil flicks all trying to survive in a world full of zombies and animal demon thingys.  Looking forward to the next one, which should be the final chapter. 
Edge of Darkness -   Not what I expected.  A little to ‘made for tv’ as far as the pacing.  No one does pissed off better than Mel Gibson (as evidence of his Oksana mixtapes), but you have to go thru a lot of yack yack to get to pissed off Mel.  Overall a decent movie.  Could have been better and more involved.
sherlock holmes – Odd little cool movie.  It’s a romance film.  I think you’ll know what I mean when you see it.  Robert Downey Jr, who I believe makes out legal system look like a joke, is an exceptional actor.  Took me a long time to come to that conclusion, he’s been in a lot of stuff that just didn’t interest me.  His betrayal along with Guy Ritchies take on the greatest fictional detective ever to live is an interesting one.  Jude law as Watson, in the case of this film plating Holmes lover going straight is a good casting move.  They have good chemistry together.  The women in their lives are as non-sexual as you can get, just their to show just how much in love Holmes and Watson are.  The villian is a young  Andy Garcia clone who uses magic to do his evil.  The cinematography is simply stunning.   No joke.  It’s not easy pulling off these period pieces.   The action is surprisingly bare knuckle and at time brutal in a cool way.  Reminded me of the way they used to do Punisher comics.  Holmes not only can look at you and tell whether you like to cross dress while rubbing peanut butter all over your body, he’ll also beat your ass and determine how long it will take you to recover physically and emotionally.  Very cool take on the character.  They will do a sequel, it ended in a way that you have too.  Good movie, worth a peep.
The Hangover – Funny shit.  Nobody I ever heard of starred in it, and I guess it shows just how little star power really matters in Hollywood.  Guy goes out with his buddies to Las Vegas for a boys night out a few days before he is going to get married.  Enter the madness.  Great flick.

Scott Pilgrim vs the world – Thought this was going to be real good.  It was OK.  The directors previous films were really good, but there was something wrong with this flick.   There were some nice editing tricks I’d never seen before.  Basically you didn’t have a real movie, you had a bunch of things pop about that were suppose to be a movie.  Micheal Cera, who I loved in Arrested Development, seems to still be doing arrested development.  IT carried over in Superbad, but beyond that if you don’t look like Keanu Reeves (and have a name like Keanu, which chicks dig), you ain’t gonna go very far.  I have a feeling this movie isn’t going to do well in the box office.   When tons of money are spent on script writing, you expect to be wowed now.  I wasn’t.  There were a few laughs, but I could have got those watching Robot Chicken reruns.  Considering the girl he was fighting for was about as interesting as dust in the corner of a room (She was cute, but I preferred the personality young Asian girl, who was jailbait in the movie and seem to be actually acting…the gay guy was pretty good too), having two dry people as romantic leads doesn’t fare to well.  The fight scenes were pretty 1980 cannon film bad…..look….the movie was sillier than it needed to be.  I don’t know if the comic its based on was as silly, but they should have had some kind of element of suspense.   Also there seemed to be this whole sub-culture these characters belonged too that doesn’t translate well to film.  No one wants to watch a bunch of drags.  The most exciting parts is when the redhead girl drummers counts off before a song.  Really.  I think a lot of critics (especially those over 30) are not going to want to seem un-hip in complaining about this movie, but believe me , when you walk out of the theater you won’t retain anything you saw.  Well maybe a few of the neat editing tricks.

Wild Target – Cool flick.  I watch any movies that have assassins in it.  Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint make up a great cast.  Nighy is a middle aged hit man who is trying to retire, doing one last job.  Of course it has to be a hot chick.  Madness ensues.  Check it out.

A nightmare on elm street (2010) – Why?  If your not going to blow my mind, then why do a remake of the original classic?  Hollywood just doesn’t have a lot of new ideas, and this remake just goes to show.  Won’t be long before they start to remake the remakes.  If your a huge Freddy fan, rent it for nostalgia, otherwise watch the original.

RED - Ahh....another entertaining movie.  Again, its refreshing seeing hollywood starts you actually are interested in looking at.  Willis.  Freeman.  Malkovich, Dame Helen Mirren, brian cox and karl urban.  Great cast. Even with the majority of the cast over 50, you get better action and screen presence than with most of the modern day 'kid with facial hair' casted films.  Is it perfect?  Of course not.  But what is?  I was entertained, and that's all you can ask.  There was one shot with Bruce Willis dealing with a CIA agent who decided to go head to head with him early in movie that was etched into my head forever.  Its nice when directors want to give you something you have never seen before.  The story is simple enough.  Badass retired agents band together when someone out there has beef.  All of those names are handled well.  You can tell these guys all like each other and the only way you would be able to get them together like this is when they were on the end run of their careers.  See it. Great flick. 

crank - cool silly flick. The transporter dude, playing a hitman for the mob, is injected with a drug which will kill him if his heart rate drops. He must remain active and doped up in order to survive. He goes on the trail to find a cure and in doing so pays visits to those responsible for his shitty condition. It is shot in that Snatch, Shaun of the Dead type style...quick cuts, fast edits. So fast you'll have a hard time falling asleep to this at least. Decent flick, will keep you entertained and it'll be over before you know it.
no country for old men - Best Coens flick since Fargo for me. A dark even simple tale about violence brought on because of a large amount of money. THe scary man directly attached to finding the 'found' money is one of the best movie psychopaths to come along in awhile. It's not how he kills, which can get creative. It's the fact he'll do it in whim with absolutely no remorse. Much like what todays society is becoming. Violence is the star of the movie, and it goes to show that it is violence, not language, which has shaped this world to what it is now. Great flick, great cast, great direction, great script and exceptional photography. Don't just see it, own it.
ratatouille - Best way to sum this one up. Extremely cute. Rats in reality are icky. I use to feed frozen rats to my pet boa constrictor (he refused pizza) and never thought you could make a positive movie with a rat as your lead. Hollywood man. See it with the kids.
Sarah Conner Chronicles - I have to mention this short run television series that ran on Fox because it should get props. They took the whole Terminator concept and gave the audience a whole new series of directions where it could go. The possibilities are endless. Needless to say great shows like these can barely last 1 season thanks to the general dum dum state of Americans and Entertainment (Are you American Idoling a Dancing Star Smarter than a 5th grader...), give people too many complex plot lines to follow and forget it. Battlestar Galactica is lucky it got the season it did. I do hope the Sarah Connor Chronicles come back. Lena Headey as Sarah Conner is hot, sexy, dangerous, motivated and extreme MILF property. Thomas Dekker is the first cool John Connor they have had in the Terminator series. Summer Glau is Summer Glau. Impressive job selling the Fembot terminator thang. She can be adorable one scene and dangerous the next. Great acting job by the cast. What's another bonus is the great Richard T. Jones as the cop who's slowly learning that there is a day of reckoning coming, and THEY are among us. Brian Austin Green is great as Greece, the man from the future who hates terminators, even when they come all cute like Summer. THe ballet scene in one of the later episodes was just amazing. The look on Green's face was priceless as he watched a machine appreciate a human art form. Great show, I really hope it comes back for a full season.
the mist - great movie, great ending. not your typical science fiction. more of a statement on the direction our society might go if the system (s) continue to serve themselves. Doesn't take much to be dragged back into the dark ages with the feeling of all hope lost. The creatures in the myst are not really the focus, it's actually the nature of man. Great flick! Nicely directed too. Instant classic!
beowulf - how this flick got a pg-13 rating is beyond me. I know it's animated but damn. Some of the things they were doing were pretty graphic......and cool. The story is told in such a way I think you'll get way more creative than you have to in figuring out what's going to happen. It's beyond simple in story. I guess it would not be practical to have real people in this movie, but not a far stretch. It's kind of like Final Fantasy -the spirits within-, something that could be basically done shot with real people on real sets or green screen. Overall I enjoyed it.
The Forbidden Kingdom - I thought this was going to suck seeing it was one of those west east partnership flicks. It's actually be great flick, in fact I think the target audiance (kids & teens) are going to enjoy watching Master Li & Master Chan in action. The story is ridiculous of course, but so is Star Wars. You have 2 legends on the screen doing what they do best, and their lines aren't bad either.
Doctor Who : Silence in the library / Forest of the Dead - Holy natural shit! All I can say is Steven Moffatt is really really good. Writing for Doctor Who is not easy at all. There is a balence that must maintained, especially given the shows historycombined with a new audiance. I'm looking forward to Steven Moffatt's run as producer for Doctor Who. I have to give props to Russel T Davies for letting outside writers like Moffatt shine. What a great 2 part story Silence in the library / Forest of the Dead was. Impressive.
Doctor Who : Midnight - Wow, another great Doctor Episode. Coming after the 2 parter library / forest, Midnight, being a Russel T Davies script, had 'filler' stamped all over it in the early previews. Turns out to be a great piece of sci-fi. An un-named alien threat that scares the shit out of the Doctor. At the end of the episode, Tennant's reaction to Donna as she unknowingly re-enacts the aliens method of 'becoming' was so cool. The Doctor can be scared out of his wits, and there are things in the universe that are more alien than the Doctor. I'm in geek heaven this season. I just hope the remaining 3 episodes close things with the same kind of high quailty entertainment. Russel's writing can get a little to nutty, but much love to the cat for casting lots of non thugged out non stereotypical proper english speaking african americans. You have no idea how refreshing this is :-)
Zombie Strippers - Funny shit. THat's the best way to sum this nutty movie up. You got Robert Englund, Jenna Jameson andRoxy Saint in a movie about Zombie Stippers. What mkore can you ask for? Well probally a whole lot, but don't let that get in the way of a gross out goofy flick which actually looked to my eyes to have decent productions values. Jenna Jameson was never really my kind of porn star, but it's nice to see her strech out here......really. I never thought of pool balls as weapons before..
Batman: Gotham Knights - Overall pretty average. Something that should have been shown on Cartoon Network or something like that, then released to the public. It's more of a meditation on the Batman mythology. Don't expect fireworks. Animatrix did a much better job at this sort of thing.
Frontiers - The very definition of a fucked up something. Only thing is that it's a cool fucked up. I won't even try to describe. Just think along the lines of Hostel, except this time with a real story and characters. Pretty much sums it up. And remember kids, it's rated R for a reason!
Vantage Point - This film wasn't reviewed very well. Afrer watching it I don't know why it got a 35% of rotten tomatoes, but then again there's a lot of stuff on there that gets 80% and better that I think is meh or junk. I enjoyed the flick. I takes a terrorist attack combined with the assination of the American President in Spain, and replays the same situtation that happened from different character perspectives. Like I said, I was entertained. Check it out. One thing about having Forrest Whitikar and Dennis Quiad in the same film, your going to get some of the oddest facial expressions from these guys. Never fails.
Doctor Who : The Stolen Earth / Journey's End - Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the 2 parter, but then again I enjoy Doctor Who no matter how it's presented becuase I'm a hardcore fan. THe Stolen Earth build up was very nice......and then came part 2. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. I can see non hardcore fans having a problem taking Doctor Who seriously because people who watch this show are very bright, and considering the other well written sci fi that's out there (farscape, battlestar galactica, supernatural, Lexx, Sarah Conner Chronicles ect), when Doctor Who becomes camp & silly it just doesn't do it justice. You can't please everyone, but that's what was attempted in the last episode. My main gripe is the scope of these season finale episodes. The build up is perfect, but then the payoff becomes camp and silly. When the Master described the time war in last season's episode it was serious, epic, bloody....to the point where he was afraid to face the Daleks. None of these episodes that have ties to the Time War or Time Lords have that depth to it.  The 20 second trailer to journey's end with Davros giving a speech that scared the shit out of my youngest nephew (and gave me geek chills), ***spoilers follow*****was completely wiped away with one of the silliest episodes of Doctor Who I've seen so far. In the middle of an elite Dalek task force on board a Dalek battle cruiser with Davors as your host, you have everyone laughing and smiling while pushing Daleks aside like shopping carts. You have the earth being 'towed' by the Tardis across the universe while everyone is cheezing it up. No joke. The smiling happy Doctor and his chippy companions in the middle of supposedly the greatest threat against the universe since the time war itself, having a fun time. And of course Rose Tyler (who just keeps on coming back) even gets her own special boy toy Doc and Catherine Tate's Donna Noble, the best Doctor Who companion to come around since Sarah Jane Smith, is reduced to a reset button which totally diminishes her contribution to Doctor Who. She deserved better, what a great performance she gave this season. Doctor Who for 2008.......Great season but as usual, lukewarm season finale. I look forward to Steven Moffatt's term as head cheese in 2010.

Knocked Up - You know, I expected this movie to be a lot more than what it was. Overall a cute movie about unplanned pregnancy due to a one night stand (with a lot of liquor involved), and the notion that maybe an unborn fetus can bring to people together who would never ever get together under normal circumstances.  In reality you’ll forget as soon as it’s over, which was strange cuz I really enjoyed the director / writer’s last flick Superbad.  Katherine Heigl, who I haven’t seen since Under Seige 2 (boy has she grown up into a hot chick), is good as the surprise mother to be.  Seth Rogen was also good as the slacking weed boy who becomes a father in a flash.  The movie doesn’t really have an edge so for those of you who like movies where nothing really bad ever happens to anyone you’ll enjoy this flick.

kiss kiss bang bang - nice enough movie. Robert Downey Jr (a guy who laughs at due process) is his normal self, and Val Kilmar is his gay private detective freind in a murder mystery flick. Not bad, I had low expectations even though it was Shane Black scripted. Michelle Monaghan was very nice to look at for 90 minutes, small town girl with big dreams in hollywood. I won't give any of the plot away since it is a guess who did it. Worth a rental.
Lucky Number Slevin - Been on a roll lately with good movies that haven't wasted my MF time. This was nice. I won't spoil it by going over the plot cuz it's meant to be enjoyed as you watch. Everybody is good in this flick, Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kinglsey, Stanley Tucci, great understated performances. Basically about a case of mistaken identity. Also good direction by Paul McGuigan. Check it out.
Hancock - Well, it had a great concept. I don't think they had any idea of what to do with this. It's a shame. Great cast. Needed a real villian and more of a backstory. The Trailer basically shows all the good parts. Nice to see Jason Bateman again. No one does reactions like he does to crazy situations.

Battlestar Galactica (final season + 2 hour season finale) – What can I say about this show.  I watch shows like Doctor Who,  Buffy, Angel, Farscape, Sopranos, Lexx, Supernatural, Arrested Development  and when I  Finish all the Seasons )or get current) I wonder can anything top what I just finished.  Along comes Battlestar, which for the longest time remained something I just kept in the back of my mind.  I vaguly remember the show in the 80’s, and from what I saw of the new reimagined series, I couldn’t get into it.  I must say you must watch this show from the beginning.  You won’t get it if you try to get into it mid season.  It started with a 2 hour movie, which feels more like a Hollywood movie than a sci-fi channel tv show.  It was spectacular, and a great way to start a TV series of this magnitude.  Battlestar uses movie type special effects and set pieces, and the writing is on par with what ou you got with the Sopranos, Buffy/Angel or Farscape.    The writing in this show is disciplined and they know how to tell a tale.  They know how to introduce elements and leave things open that can be explored when they finally get to a Season 3.  In plain words, Battlestar Galactica is one of the greatest shows TV has ever produced, pure and simple.  To be honest, as spectacular the space shots and battles are, what is way more interesting is the characters and show mythology.   I found the shows take on humanity to be so cool.  It simply states no matter where we are in the universe, no matter how technologically advanced we are, no matter how few of us survive the future, we will always be Human and flawed.   I love this take of humanity way better than the stiff versions of it we get with Star Trek (post kirk).  Battlestar is about mankind’s struggle to survive after nearly being wiped out by the machines they built to serve them.  It’s a space opera combined with the endless pursuit of a enemy who will not stop until they eradicate mankind once and for all.  Funny thing about all this is the notion of what they call skin jobs, cylon’s that pass as human.  It’s not what you think.  They simply don’t pass as human, they are more human than they really understand, and with that you get this incredible dynamic where the machines that are chasing you really do not have any idea of what to do with themselves.  There is a lot of underlying philosophy in Battlestar.  I loved the way the show forced relationships to change out of necessity and survival.  The cast is amazing.  You really have to stop a moment and give props to casting agents and directors.  Without them you don’t get special group of people who by the end of the series you feel you can relate too, both good and ‘evil’ characters.  In Galactica there are really no good and evil people.  There are terrible things done.  Characters have to face the most horrifying and disturbing acts head on in order to survive.   Each has it’s own perspective, and from each prospective you see major flaws from both sides.  Of course one side is responsible for wiping out millions of souls overnight, but there is a history and chain of events that brought them to that point.  Neither side can survive without the other, but will they ever get to that point.  I enjoyed each season of Battlestar equally.  The 2 hour movie pilot was better than most big budget Hollywood movies your going to see.  Then you get into the actual start of the TV seasons and behold….the same quality from the Movie is still there, but it’s spread over 4 full seasons.  Make no mistake, Battestar was a love affair between it’s production crew and actors.  You can see it up there on the screen.  These people loved creating and acting in this show.  I haven’t seen this much fun in a TV production since Farscape & Arrested Development.  Shows that get a 1/3 of the viewing audience of CSI (pick one) or Dancing with the rich Stars, but end up being a much richer viewing experience.  It’s a dark day in my life that shit show has ended.  I’ll say this about the 2 hour show finale.  Hell yeah.  I’ve read a lot of feedback on it and what strikes me as incredible is the passion in which the fans debate about the ending, whether they liked it or not.  As much as I adore this show, it is just a tv show so I try not to take more from it than is really necessary.  Nothing in life is perfect (although those first 2 seasons were damn close), and when it is it never lasts.  The season finale closed the book on Battlestar just the way I wanted it.  I wanted things explained, but not every single detail.  That did that.  I wanted a ending with a sense of hope because this show remained dark and heavy throughout it’s run. Nicely done.  Special mention has to go to the people who do the FX for BattleStar.  When it comes to filming space flight and battle sequences they own it, and what they did in the finale was truly amazing work.  From the hand held / zoom views to making the Battlestar Galactica ship itself just an massive awesome thing to see in action. It freaked me out the first time I saw the ship in battle with nukes headed for it.  They explode against the Hull in a giant spectacle, but the only damage the ship takes perhaps needs a new coat of paint.  Great stuff.  Admiral Adama, man I have new found respect for Edward James Olmos.  What a great job in the art of acting.  Whoever decided to cast Katee Sackhoff as starbuck.  Genius.   The XO was genius casting as well.  Look, I could go on and on about how great this show was.  If you haven’t seen it, get it. Start with the 2 hour movie pilot and then go into the seasons.  One of the best. So say we all.  Frakkin shows ever made.  No shit.

Transporter 3 - Find a copy of Windows ME, install it on a pentium1 133mhz with 64MB of RAM with shared on board video and do work in Photoshop cs4 with a 12mb Jpg image. You'll have a better time doing that than watching Transporter 3. Only thing worth seeing is the hot redhead Natalya Rudakova who it seems hadn't acted ever before, she was discovered street walking by Luc Besson. Thats how you become an actress these days. And what's with a movie that makes the transporter dude look uncomfortable around women. I questioned his sexual preference, even after he got the giggety. What a turd flick.
Underwold : rise of the lycons - big fan of the underworld movies. I try not to nick pick with whats wrong with escape movies, but rather enjoy what's right. The first 2 have high re-watch value for me. This 3rd one was pretty good, but doesn't have that re-watch appeal the first 2 had. That's the best way to describe it. It was made for Underworld fans to complete the story, and they did a great job doing it. The only problem was the direction. It was too compressed, and in doing so you get a lot of close up dialog scenes which are then switched to the mtv generation 30 cuts per second action sequences where its hard to figure out who's doing what. You can tell its a new director. For Underworld fans only. If you like the first 2 then mos def see this on the big screen. Rhona Mitra......Hmmmmmm.
body of lies - pretty good movie. what's more important is that for the longest time I've always thought as Leonardo DeCapio as a boy with facial hair, and a average actor on top of that. After this one and the Departed my opinion is reversed. Interesting actor. His reactions to situations are really good, especially when they are real jacked up. Body of Lies is a master film maker slumming it. Thing is Ridley Scott's leftover's are better than most major productions today. This movie is along the lines of Syriana and The Kingdom. Trying to give the viewer a slice of middle east politiking and showing that life hear in America is so sheltered and calm compared to the everyday struggle of peace vs violence in that region. Granted it's a movie and you shouldn't really learn any facts from movies, but the depection of everyday life there is pretty interesting. Russel Crowe is great as the CIA boss who runs side operation that conflict with main operations Decaprio is trying to run there. The supporting cast is great. I wish more women like Golshifteh Farahani were here in the USA, stunning woman. Peep the movie, good stuff.

Transformers 2 – You know, I wonder what critics over 35 do for fun with their children.  I can’t imagine them taking their young one to see something like The Transformers or Speed Racer and letting the child enjoy what’s on the screen instead of picking it apart because it didn’t star Phillip Seymour Hoffman  & Meryl Streep with direction by Robert Altman.  Critics tore this movie up, and I believe most did it before they even saw it.  Critics do not like Michael Bay, which is sad because you need someone like this in Hollywood.  I get tired of the spectacle directors in Hollywood trying to get all dramatic in hopes of getting some silly award like an Oscar.  It means nothing, and you end up taking away from fans the very thing that drew them to you.  Some directors stay character driven their whole careers, like Jim Jarmusch or the Coen brothers.  Eventually they run into a silly award because they end up doing that one film that magically appeals to the masses of critics.  Others like Michael Bay simply want to put a whole lot of whoa on the screen.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Personally it amazes me when I look at a old episode of the transformers cartoon, and then look and see how he brought these robots to the big screen.  Amazing.  The Transformers cartoon was a horribly animated story driven classic.  Michael Bay brought it to life with about 3 coats of Whoa.  I enjoyed the first Transformers movie.  That Freeway scene with Bonecrusher going 70 mph transforming while talking smack gave me wood, then Optimus did the same the thing and let out a “ahhhhhhh” like he couldn’t wait to stomp some Decepticons ass.  How could have a human pulse and not be truly moved by the carnage.  Luckily kids get these films, and so do the adults who remember the source material.  I won’t lie, I enjoyed Transformers 1 better than 2, simply because it was magical watching these robots reveal themselves.  The second movie went the direction of mo’ transforming, mo’ robots and more fun for the kids.  In that it succeeded.  My only gripes is that it should have went for a pg rating and left out the adult humping jokes throughout the flick.  Transformers 2 is a horny frikkin movie.  Everybody is humping, robots, humans, dogs…..and I can’t remember a college campus that looked like it was a institution of study for future Victoria Secret models. The other gripe is that for the life of me I couldn’t figure out who is who for some of the big action sequences.  Robots are everywhere in this one.  The cast is adequate, most of the characters from the first one returned.  Megan Fox….there’s something about this girl.  You just want to stare at her.  Yeah she’s hotter than the center of the Sun, but the way Michael Bay shoots her…..its like…..sexual or something.  I wonder what she’s going to come off as in other movies.  It will be interesting to see.  Shia LaBeouf, the luckiest kid in Hollywood, is actually better in this flick.  Overall you get your money’s worth.  It clocks in abour 2:20 and something blows up every 8 minutes so there’s never a dull moment.  If your expecting a tight focus group written story then your dum ass.  This is the transformers.  Cars n planes that change into talking robots.  It is what it is, it's done well, and I hope they do a 3rd one! 

Doctor Who : The waters of mars -  Pretty good.  The build up, the choices a time lord has to make all worked well.  What didn’t work well is the hammy way they go about presenting the Doctors way of dealing with a situation that screams “leave it alone’.  I understand the Doctor gets tired of sitting back and just observing, but the way they have him jumping in like a nutjob way totally out of character suggests they have run out of ideas.  Seeing how I saw this one as well as the episode to follow it I think i have a good case.  Great build up, great new villains and great use of water as a menacing threat.  They have to start taking this show seriously for the entire episode for it to reach the true greatness it did in its miracle run from 1968 - 1989.  Also David Tennant should have never been allowed to force the show to be shown in a 5 part episode season.  As the ratings show, out of site out of mind

Doctor Who : End of Time pt1 – Just as Water of Mars, great build up and some great acting in the middle between the Doctor and Donna’s Dad and John Simms as the master WHEN it’s Tennant and a actor chewing the scenery.  The actual ‘sci-fi’ is written in a way where you wonder if Russell T Davies actually had TOTAL control of the show and its scripts.  Someone had to chime in on how ridiculous the ending was (which was swept aside with the wave of a wrist in part 2).  The big reveal at the very end of the episode rings hollow only because the last 3 season finales have the most ridiculous writing ever penned to a sci fi show.  Remember Journey’s End ‘davros n daleks laughing stock / tow the earth' finale?  Remember the Master finale of The Last of the Time Lords, how silly it all was until Simms and Tennant had a actual moment to act of each other at the very end.  Remember how cool John Pertwee was hanging off the low-jacked Tardis Console in the Unit Hanger in Inferno?  That’s the Who I’m hoping Stephen Moffett brings us.  I applaud Davies for making Doctor Who a show again, but its obvious new management is in need.  Ratings even show folks are tired of the jr sci fi writing.  When compared to the great sci fi of the last decade, like Farscape and  Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who still has a way to go to become one of the elite shows that delivers EVERY episode.

Doctor Who : The end of time pt 2 – Well, as nutty as part 1’s premise was with the master, I have to say that part 2 was really good.  The reason being that the dialog during the quiet moments allowed the actors to actually act.  We didn’t get Tennants hopping around like a energizer bunny.  The reason for his regeneration was honorable, although I don’t like these prophecy and “he or she will come with ice cream” predictions you get all the time with this new version of the show.   The Time Lords were scary because you come to realize they are all insane driven mad by endless war.  If they ever want to make a dr wno movie they should focus on the time war.  I can only imagine what a genius writer and director could do with the subject matter.  The doctor seeing his former companions before his death was also handled nicely.  Seeing Matt Smith in action for a few seconds in the regeneration scene and the trailer for 2010’s series was comforting.  I think he’s going to be a great doctor, as it seems Dr Who is going for youth, the choices have been good so far. 

Russell T Davies deserves a shitload of praise and credit for bringing the Lord of Time back in style.  While I felt his version of Sci Fi was more of a sensationalist take on the character, I did like he opened the Doctor up to more of a “how does he tick” kind of showing.  When the Doctor was companionless, he was very alone, which is not good for anyone really.  Davies really did a good job showing that.  Now that he has though, I am looking forward to Steven Moffat’s take on the show.  His episodes during the Davies run always have stood out and had the right kind of balance between sci-fi, wonder and character study.    More like the Dr Who I remember.  I mean for a character with the ablity to travel thru time and space, he seemed stuck on earth for the most part.  There's very few episodes of the new run of Dr Who I re-watch, and those I do are usually the one’s written by the outside writers.  I hope Moffat’s version of WHO produces more classics.  I still watch the classic episodes on the regular.  The cheap FX and basement sets of 60’s thru 90’s dr who don’t bother me at all because the writing and actors made it special.  Eccleston and Tennant were great Doctors, but the writing never let them shine properly.  Here’s hoping the new series will put who back on track as the sci fi show that all other sci fi shows steal from :-)

Doctor Who : Matt Smith’s first season – I will give my 2 cetns without trying to spoil things. Matt Smith.  Interesting choice for the new Doctor.  Going younger, and odd.  He’s an interesting mix of Patrick Troughton (my favorite) and Sylvester McCoy.  He, along with new head producer Steven Moffat, have brought a more traditional feeling to Doctor Who.  The same sex agenda is gone thank goodness.  I just felt that Doctor Who was not the right show to push it in your face every episode.  The Eleventh Hour was one of the best episodes of Doctor Who I’ve seen in a long time.  It captured everything that is magical about the show, I think I've watched it over 10 times already.   A great start to the new season.  Was this season leaps and bounds better than the Russell T. Davies run?  Yeah, kind of, but not by much.  I think Davies had a better sense of pacing with the individual episodes and the short amount of time you have to tell a story.  What this season showed was great potential.  I think Moffat is trying to undo some of the things that were done with Davies version of Who in the sense that the backstory was already there and didn’t need to be changed.  Last of his kind, a 1000 year old time lord trying to romance young 20 year old girls, boring TARDIS interior, ect ect.  Amy Pond, played by redhead beauty Karen Gillan, brings the type of companion that needs to be introduced so we see traveling with the Doctor thru human eyes.  While I think her character is a bit abrasive (they got it right with Donna Noble), there is a mystery to her which was the focus of the season 1 arc.  Rory is a nice change of pace too.  I hope he stays on for a little while.  Episode wise there are the gems.  The 2 parter with the weeping angels was top notch Who.  The Vincent Van Gogh episode was incredible.  The last 10 minutes of it was taking Doctor Who to another level, especially for Gogh fans like myself.  The 2 part  season finale had some nice moments, but in all honesty I expected a more Who based conclusion instead of more magic.  It harkened back to 'Last of the TimeLords’, the same kind of solution.  All in all what you have here is a Season that is defined by the performance of a remarkable actor, Matt Smith.  Moffat will have to catch up to him, and I’m sure he will.  I can only imagine what it must be like being in charge of bringing new WHO to the world.  A lot of teething pains.  This new season had them, but I think the next series will have them ironed out.  We’ll learn more about River Song (who is just a fantastic character), and we’ll get an enemy that might be a formidable opponent for the now “God Like” Doctor.  My main complaint for Dr Who is beyond the weeping Angels, the villains have been bland and too ‘nice’.  Doctor Who needs that Edge back, which is hard to do when you write the Doctor so powerful.  Bring the Time Lords back, bring the Doctor back down to normal, and tell some good monster stories. 
Green Zone -  Paul Greengrass is a really good director of action sequences and sequences that lead up to action.  Green Zone is a political action film much in the vain of Syriana from Stephen Gaghan, only this time Iraq is the subject matter.  Matt Ddamon’s character is getting a little pissed off.  Seems every time he takes his squad of solders in someplace to find WMDs, there are none.  He questions the intelligence and in doing so get himself knee deep in some sheet thats way above his rank.  The movie does a great job of making all this interesting, because in reality I don’t think most Americans give a rat’s ass about what is going down in Iraq.  We care more about where Lebron James is going to play in the upcoming basketball season….really.  This is one of those movies that was probably green lit based on the directors track record (the Bourne series has made a lot of green), but I’m sure 10 minutes after green lighting this flick they had serious doubts.  Americans prefer to let the tv and radio think for them, and tell them everything is all right.  Therefore movies like Green Zone are kind of like little gems because maybe, just maybe after watching it, it might spark some intelligent debate on subject matter that goes beyond the normal everyday BS.  I’m, not saying this is a 4 star movie.  It has some flaws, and the ending was about as satisfying as a sampler of Baskin Robbins ice cream.  Overall though it was a good flick, and depending on how you view the Iraq war, it should make for nice dinner conversation someday.

Salt – After reading reviews of this flick, a lot of stuffy critics seemed happy to get their pens off, micro complaining.  I enjoyed Salt.  I had low expectations only because this is the 1000th time a trailer has set you up for that ‘they have been framed’ angle.  I’ll put it this way, most movies like this don’t do the twist in the middle of the flick.  They wait till the end.  The fact that they didn’t do that made this movie an enjoyable watch.  Angelina Jolie is as taut and capable as ever as a walking force of immediate death and maim. She’s also a woman in love, but just like the Bourne series they don't coat it with syrup and sugar.  Love plays a large part in the plot, and the conflict with the professionalism of her trade makes some scenes very effective.  Less is more.  The movie was directed by Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games, Clear and present danger) who does a great job as usual with the action sequences, pushing the pg-13 envelope.  It’s all real stuff banging against real stuff, and the sound effects are loud and in your face (best sounding move I’ve seen this year) as they should be.  The supporting cast is good.  The typical black agent who is 3 steps behind (they got to write these guys better),  the always dependable Liev Schreiber, the city of NY.  Is it a perfect movie?  Of course not.  Is it a good movie.  Yep.  See it. 

Law Biding Citizen -  Well, I have to say there are some great moments in this film, and it’s all Gerard Leonidas Butler who delivers them.  Unfortunately it is one of those movies to where after its over you start asking yourself…..huh?  Without spoiling the movie I’ll just say the way they introduce Gerard Butler’s character vs what he becomes, the beginning of the movie doesn’t make sense.  Also Jamie Foxx is either Miscast or doesn’t have the depth needed to pull of his character. Still it’s a decent enough movie to check out.  Just slow the brain down so logic doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying it.
smoking aces 2 : assassin's ball -  If you can see this for free or rental cahrge, its well worth it.  Takes awhile to build up, but you’ll find a lot of the UK quick cutting style that Guy Ritchie made famous.  This should have been a stand alone movie, it has nothing to do with the original Smoking aces.  Good little action flick.

Killers – Oh I don’t know.  It wasn’t that bad.  I wasn’t bored watching it.  Katherine Heigl is like….charming.  Ashton Kutcher as a assassin is about as believable as Optimus Prime as a Used Car sales man.  Well actually that’s kind of beleivable, who better to sell you a car than a Autobot right?  It had Tom Selleck who was actually a poster board for alcohol abuse acceptance.  And that one woman from Mad TV.  Nice safe date rental best describes this.  If you make out you won’t miss too much.  Actually what they should have done was reverse Heigl n Kutchers parts. Now that would have been a new twist.

Machete – You know, I expected a lot more from this flick.  These type of filmmakers are suppose to go to far, and have no limits.  Machete is really a film about immigration.  The plot is what messes up the movie.  This movie should not be about immigration.  It should be about Danny Trejo taking  out scumbags who deserve over the top R-Rated death.  Going up against suit wearing politicians and $5 henchmen is not my idea of Theater entertainment.  This was a straight to DVD release.  Seriously.  Love Danny Trejo.  Hope they get it right if a sequel is ever made.
The Expendables – Wow.  Its nice seeing actual men in action hero roles today.  I don’t care if they are all old enough to be my dad.  Action movies are missing the sense of excess.  The expendables is a movie about a bunch of guys who enjoy killing bad guys who deserve punishment.  Like they used to do it in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.  No, your not going to get any oscar worthy performances, but what you do get is great rated r action with guys you root for.  Mos def check this out.  I hope stallone does one more rambo as well.
Let me in – Great movie?  Yep.  An improvement over the original?  Nope.  Needed to be made?  Hell no.  Sometimes it can be embarrassing living here in the USA.  We refuse to accept that people outside this country speak different languages.  We cannot accept their entertainment when presented in its natural form.  This is unfortunate.  I think most people who keep up with sci-fi and escape movies knew about Let the right one in and found a way to see it.  Remaking a movie like that for attention deficit disorder Americans is not a good idea, and from what I sa of the box office it looks like I was right.  Great cast, great direction, with only a couple of questionable changes in key moments.  They did a good job cutting out some of the middle in the original that wasn’t needed.  Hit girl did a great job as the 12 year old vamp.  Overall a little more frosting for those who enjoyed the original cake.  Hard sell to people who never heard of the original, and the word of mouth isn’t going to be there because like the original it moves slow and methodical. 
30 days of night - ONe of those what if movies. Vampires figure out there's a place on the earth where it is dark for 30 days. Luckily for them there's a decent buffet of dum humans who remain there to live it out. Pass the season salt for the vampires. PRetty decent, and r rated for gore. Worth a rental.
pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3 - just got around to seeing the sequels. Was never in a hurry to watch them. NOt as bad as I thought they might be. Who ever is responsible for turning VIKTOR! from UNDERWORLD into Davey Jones deserves an act of creation award. Effects that were indeed special and show given the proper budget, there is nothing you cannot create an illusion for in hollywood. Oh, the movies themselves were entertaining. Nothing spectacular, but5 entertaining. I imagine they must really be a sight to behold on blu ray. THey have room to do a 4th installment and with all the money they made someone is pro bally proofing the script right now.
war - What a waste of a living legend and that cool transporter dude. Nuff said.
CLoverfeild - I watched this a couple times. I Didn't see it until after it's theatrical run. Glad I didn't see it in the theater , it would have drove me nuts. The Big screen is for Big static images. For a dvd release CLoverfield is perfect. On a good audio system your in for a treat. All the needed story elements are their. Monster....girl who needs rescuing ...whipped guy who will walk right thru a 20 story monster to get his girl, ect ect. The real star of the movie is the Monster, who makes a cameo appearance or two in the flick. THing is it's actually better you don't see it up close and personal for most of the film. It works just right the way they did it up Blair Witch Project style. The camera dude does a good job showing you what's going on. Yeah they give a lot of leeway when it comes to where your going to allowed to hold a video camera, but this is a movie. OVerall I'd have to say Cloverfield was a lot of fun and I'll pro bally be watching a few more times this year. The monster is awesome, and so is his living dandruff. Instant Classic.
i am legend - Good flick. Impressed with Will Smith, who can choose some shift roles for a guy who can open I AM LEGEND to 30 million opening weekend. Do you know how hard it is to make money with sci-fi in the United States, especially 'lone character for most the flick' who's not Tom Hanks. THe book this is based on is completely different, but they did it in a good way. Especially if you catch the alternative ending on the dvd release. Much better. Overall I'm impressed with the movie and the direction (Francis Lawrence - Constantine ...please make a sequel), and I look forward to the directors future work.
DoOm - Your standard video game to movie flick. Take a great premise, f#%k it up by changing it , add video game age director and WhAm! From what I remember from Playing Doom you had floating brains, Hellspawn, evil ghosts.....where did they go? Why mess things up with another virus / dna plot. WIth movies like Predator which show you how to put bad ass video game type soldiers on the screen, there's no excuse for the weak crew they had in this flick. Didn't like the Marines squad and I didn't like where they took the Rock's character. I did like the sequence out of the game in the last 15 minutes or so. Pretty cool. That's about it though. One of those flicks you watch when you have nothing else better to do.
untraceable - wow, I've been on a role. Some pretty good flicks lately. Untraceable has to do with a sick f#$k who likes to post murders online. The more people who check out the site, the quicker the victim is killed. Diane Lane, who is up in my list of favorite actresses, plays a cyber crime fbi agent who is tipped on the maniac and chaos ensues. Well paced, well acted and nicely shot. It's se7en without all the piled on dark beauty, and it does speak truthfully about todays internet (it is a cesspool). It also has some nice geek talk for us computer nerdz. If you have a soft spot for cats n kittens you'll want to skip the intro. I'm a big cat lover so that tugged at my heart strings, I hate seeing little munchkins like that get......well I won't spoil it. Great movie, check it out.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - As we tech nerds like to say...'meh'. The best thing about the 4th indy is the return of Marian (Karen Allen). The woman possesses a smile that lights up the screen. The minute Indy reveals his feelings to her, she glows for the remainder of the film. It's really sweet, and is a nice way to close out the series. Everything else that happens in the movie is like watching a healthy 65 year old man try to run a 15 mile marathon. Eventually he'll get there, but you know there's no joy in watching him trying. They did their best with what they had. The action seemed to be slowed down. I don't get the Shia LaBeouf love, but for this movie he was ok. I guess the best way to sum up indy 4 is........rusty.
Rambo - Well I was entertained. Nice, short sweet, violent and to the point. I hope I can look half as good as these over 60 guys who get that one last movie in (Connery, Ford, Guv T-800, sly) before they retire. Sly Stone brings back his Rambo character and doesn't pg-13 his way into the theaters. You get human body torn in a variety of ways, you know like in real combat. You get a fictional story that is rooted on reality in some hell hole that humanity has forgotten about in real life. Rambo is a retired (but in top shape) badass that is cold chillin' in semi hell. Some nice people show up, want Rambo to take them further in the semi hell place on boat, and of course things go wrong. Real simple. I miss movies like this. You know like Commando, stuff like that. Not designed to go up against the Godfather or Citizen Kane, but great adult entertainment nonetheless. Check it out. Good flick.
National Treasure 2 - Nic Cage & other respected actors cashing large checks. THis made for TV type stuff goes in one eye and right out the other. You won't remember a thing about it 20 minutes after watching it. Well maybe how easy it was to hook up with a 1 on 1 with the president.
Superbad - Funny shit. If Michael Cera matures into the hollywood look he should clear a shelf for all of his best supporting oscars. He was so great as an awkward son in Arrested Development, and in Superbad he really knows how to play it normal. Some of the things he says in the film must have been ad-lib. It's rare someone so young gets how young people act. He doesn't try to act beyond his age even though he could (and is probally older than he looks). His reaction to situations is so spot on, it's the details. Look forward to his future work (heard he was good in Juno too). Jonathan Mintz is hilarious as McLOvin, and those 2 cops were a trip too. "Need backup! there's so much blood!" lol. Great flick.
Aeon Flux - I remember the freaky animated seires that was on mtv's liquid television. Really cool stuff. These days anything and everything gets turned into a movie, and so you have Aeon Flux starring the impossibly gorgoeus Charlize Theron. So fine is she that her parents must have known it at birth, and hence gave her the unique name Charlize Theron. All uber hot chicks have cool sexy names. Giselle, Gislane, ect. Anyway, the movie is pretty good. Better than I expected, but yo be honest I spent most of my viewing time in puppy love with the CHarlize. Lord knows she shouldn't be doing action movies (the chick who played the blue chick in the xmen movies would have been a better physical presence), but it was SO nice watching her try. They tried to wierd it up like the Animated series, the first half of the movie has some pretty cool sci fi gizmo's. You can tell they ran out of money after the first half of the flick and what you get after that is standard run and gun sequences. Overall a decent rental. If your a guy (or a chick that digs chicks) you'll enjoy 90 minutes of Charlize Charlizin' for sure, and on top of that a decent sci fi story to go with it.

The Dark Knight - Man was this film superhyped, but if I was Warner Brothers and I had this reel of comic book perfection sitting up waiting for release.....I'd hype the hell out of it as well. They had to know word of mouth was going to get out on Heath Ledger's portrayal of Gotham's #1 psyhco, the joker (he loved killing some soul brothers fo' real). What he did with this character is truly amazing. I didn't want him to leave the screen to be honest.  This is the Joker from the comic books I’ve always wanted to see, and Heath Ledger (what a tragic loss) pulled it off in a way that truly amazed me.  He was the real Joker.  Insanity without any purpose other than to cause mayhem and loss with a stroke of genius thrown in.  When the Joker was not on screen, you sat and waited for him to come back, and when he did you got your money’s worth double time. In fact I would say that this movie is less about Batman and more about the people in Batman and Bruce Wayne's life. Christen Bale is a great Batman / Bruce Wayne, mainly because it's his character that allows the villains and partners in his life shine.  It’s not a real action movie.   There's only 1 real action sequence that involves Batman in the film, where he does something so extra ordinary that the crowd reacts. For most of the movie he, along with everyone else, is trying to figure out how to deal with this force of nature called the Joker. Also especially good is Gary Oldman as Lt. James Gordon. You forget your  watching Gary Oldman, who is a acting force to be reckoned with on his own (watch Romeo is Bleeding, The Professional / Leon, Dracula!). He plays the role with a balanced maturity that you would come to expect from a character who will go on to do bigger things in the batman world. Aaron Eckhart is also notable for his portrayal of Harvey Dent.  Normally you are not interested in guys that look like him. Maggie Gyllenhaal was a nice upgrade from Katie Holmes, haven’t seen her since the the classic flick ‘Secretary’.  Another big star of the film is Christopher Nolan and his use of the Camera. This is old school  as new school for  film making.  The IMAX shots of Chicago are stunning.  The storytelling respects the viewing audience of today as being more sophisticated.  This doesn't feel like a comic book movie in any way which is great.  Never has a comic book movie felt more like a real Drama than the Dark Knight. I hate the fact that directors feel the need to ‘update / soften’ or change the tone of established comic books believing audiences will be able to swallow the concepts easier.  In most comic books I read there is a lot of violence and a lot of death.  That’s one of the reasons why geeks like me read them.  The Dark Knight did its best not to forget that, and with the death and drama you get real tension and emotional involvement.  I dare you not to be fascinated with the Joker and his schemes and his ultimate psycho man crush on Batman in the Dark Knight.  I hope the DVD has deleted scenes!  Of course no movie is perfect. I think they could have cut out the Harvey Dent storyline  and gave a more down to earth 'evil plan' to the Joker in the final half of the film. Also it is never resolved what happens to the Joker. But this is just bitching and moaning and monday morning quarterbacking. Truth is that this is a masterpiece which requires multiple viewing's, and  I will seeing one more time before it leaves the theater.  Great flick, the soundtrack is exceptional, and incredible performance by the late Heath Ledger.

speed racer - you know what? I liked this movie a lot. Like most people I Was geeked to see it in the theater until the trailer came out. It looked like Walt Disney used a photoshop color boost plug in and went nuts. There didn't seem to be much of a story in the trailers. So I passed on it (like most of these forgettable wonders they have been spitting out lately), and lord and behold, I was surprisingly entertained. Go look at the Rotten Tomatoes review summary here. You would think this movie was just awful from start to finish. Somebody you know is going to have this on DVD and I betcha you'll find it to be very entertaining, much to your surprise. Considering some of the Summer movies I've wasted good time on like Hancock, Wanted, Indy 4, Hellboy 2, and they all made big box office money, something that was trying to be different like Speed Racer really got shitted on pretty bad by grown ups. One thing you have to realize when critics get to typing is that they are all grown up people in body, mind and spirit. There is no more youth in them. I think thats why I enjoyed Speed Racer so much. Cuz I still have some kid in me. I still get a kick out of poory dubbed Godzilla and Gamera movies. I still get a kick out of 1960's - 1980s Doctor Who. I still enjoy the Space Giants, Johnny Sokko and his flying robot, Ultraman, 60's and 70's spiderman. And I enjoyed the hell out of the Wachowski's version of the cartoon classic Speed Racer. I think the DVD sales are going to be good for this movie, cuz a lot of people are going to see just how much critics hate being over 30 years old. This is a movie you watch with your kids and enjoy the spectacle, family values (nice choices for mom n pop......and trixie too), and green screen heaven.  They even got Spritle and chim chim right :-)  Only thing missing was the Mammoth Car!
Låt den rätte komma (Let the right one in) - My kind of movie. Touching & romantic in a sick twisted way. Basically an awkward young boy (oskar) becomes friends with a 12 year girl (eli) who walks around barefoot with no jacket on in the middle of the winter and only comes out at night. She's not what she seems. This Swedish made film is an instant classic. I love the fact that it doesn't try to sci-fi you to death. It's basic in its approach and it works especially well for Lina Leandersson's performance (she doesn't immediately clean up nor even tries to rush it after she does her thing...cool) and Kåre Hedebrant portrayal of just about every young boys inner struggle to try to be the bad ass you know your not. It's a simple story which moves at a nice simple pace, and if you pay close attention how the relationship with oskar develops you can clearly see that there is a repeated pattern to Eli's life. I don't know where they find child actors like this who can chew up scenes like seasoned pro's, they make some of our 'actors' look like simpletons (that big kiss scene near the end...genious). I'm sure someone here in the states will snatch up the rights and shit all over it with some pg-13 craptacular remake. Do yourself a favor and see it in it's extrodinary original form, with subtitles. Sweet sick romantic artistic film. Best I've seen in 2008 so far.
Burn after reading - Only the Coen brothers can make films like this. You know....kind of like watch it once and trip out on the strange character type of films. This time they have major acting talent in what could have been a straight to video plot. It about a couple of bumbling fitness club workers who come across what they think are cia black op documents. OF course what happens next is Coen chaos. I liked the movie, and so will you.
Choke - Lately these are the kind of movies that peak my interest. CHoke was a great book. Chuck Palahniuk is genious at work. His writing paints a really vivid picture in your mind about the characters he's slamming at you, When they are made into movies they tend to be slighty watered down. FIght Club was probally the best book to movie flick I've seen in a long time, but you had a director who understood the material. Same thing with Choke. You have a director who gets the material and does a good job despite the water effect. The plot is looney, and there are some moments where you might be staring at yourself. A recovering sex addict is........well just see the movie. Sam Rockwell is great. Kelly Macdonald is adorable. Anjelica Huston.....priceless. All in all Choke is worth checking out. It's nice to see movies made for adults with thick skin for a change.
Grand Torino - Clint Eastwood. The man can open a movie at $30 million at 80 years old. He's a MF legend and I imagine when it's his time to go he'll either be acting or directing when it happens. A role model for those who are inspired by the passion of others. He loves the art of film, and in doing so has become , I'll say it again, a Legend. Great flick.

Punisher : war zone – This is how the first one should have been.  This is the comic book character, which I love.  He punishes scum bags with a nice cup of death with sugar on top.  There’s no time for extended slow pace character development.  Righteous dude done wrong, dude trains to be a human nightmare for bad guys, go kill all the bad guys responsible for you present condition and anyone else that stands in the way.  That’s the Punisher.  No this movie is not going to wow you with Oscar winning performances, but that’s just part of the genre, it will never win Oscars.  People who appreciate a good r-rated violent movie will appreciate this flick.  It’s along the lines of Taken and Hitman.  Check it out.  Hope they make another one.

Wanted - Cool action scenes. Dum story. About as average as you can get. Like Hancock, if you've seen the trailer you've seen the movie. You will figure out 'the twist' 15 minutes into the flick, which makes the movie dum as a second coat of paint (RIP George Carlin), which is a shame cuz the money they spend on these average ass flicks could send thousands of young minds to college. Oh well.
Iron Man - I wish this flick was better. There were parts of it that were a lot of fun to see, like the first time he gets his smack on with the red suit. But it's mostly a drama on how a rich womanizing genious built a metal suit capable of the destruction power of a small army combined with jet speed flight. The generic 'villian' was more of a afterthought thrown in. I really do hate when they take you favorite comic book hero and water him down in order to create 'drama' with the action sequences. You'll see what I mean with the climatic final 'battle'. One of the most boring action sequences I've ever see in a major budget comic book movie. Rent it, cuz I doubt you'll need to see this one again after your initial viewing. Hugely overrated.

The Reader - Kate Winslet. WHat more needs to be said. It's rated R too, so you know what that means. This daring actress will strip to her pubic hair in a second if the part calls for it. The part did call for it. Its basically about a German woman who has an love affair with a young boy. She vanishes and years later their paths cross again. She's no angel, that's for sure. Great flick.

fast and the furious (2009) - COol cArs mAn. HoT Brown Haired chicks dude. No Boring parts. Vin Deisel in God Mode. LoTs oF DriVinG fast. ALl I could AsK 4 + Michelle Rodriquez n Jordana Brewster.
The Knowing – This movie had that nasty M Night feel to it with the trailers.  The critics ripped this movie a new asshole as well.  You know what?  I liked it.  Nic “cash checks’ Cage is usually a skip for me, but this was a interesting film with some nice eye candy thrown in.  I love end of the world movies, along with those wonderful Discovery Channel / BBC / History Channel documentaries on the Universe.  I thought the movie was well done and well directed (Alex Proyas, who is responsible for the classic The Crow (Brandon Lee), and the mix of drama and sci fi was well balanced.  Much better than say a movie like Deep Impact, which spent too much time on the human drama instead of the Nature coming for you stuff.  I time capsule is brought back up 50 years later after being buried by school children.  One of the predictions by the children was a series of numbers filling out a sheet of paper.  It seems like kid joke until Nic Cage sees some order to the numbers, turns out there’s a message and mystery afoot.   Check it out.  Good sci-fi flick. 

Watchmen – Well, I enjoyed the Watchmen. If you’re a geek you have too.  That doesn’t mean it was a great movie, in this case it just means that the subject matter was interesting and shot well.  This should have been a 1 season 12 episode show on HBO.  It was based on a 12 part comic series which is regarded as one of the best ever made.  I remember trying to get thru it when I was in my 20’s and stopped midway.  I was to young to really get into a political comic with super heroes thrown in.  After finally reading it all the way thru last year I found it to be very good.  Each comic could easily have been a TV episode.  The Watchman (the movie) had a huge Hollywood budget, but the money wasn’t up there on the screen.  It wasn’t like Transformers 1 or 2 or The Dark Knight (goodness did that movie look good) where you easily see 200 million being rendered up there on the screen.  The Watchmen in comparison looked cheap and I say it for this reason......the opening scene and the intro set to Bob Dylan’s classic “Times They are a' Changin” had you believing you were going to see something mind blowing and genre changing.  Nothing matches it that comes after the opening sequence and credits.  It’s because they had to skip over large parts of the comic series and in effect change some of the plot lines.  The cast is great, but it’s a TV cast.  Again, this should have been a tv series, like Band of Brothers.  Zach Snyder did the best job you could do for a movie version of the Watchmen.  He didn’t make a bad movie like the critics will have you believe, in  fact its right up there with other critically acclaimed movies like V for Vendetta.  Its for a certain kind of audience that likes it’s action movies to be really talky, and the action sequences to have a lot of impact.  The violence in this movie was not as brutal as I was lead to believe.  It was kind of Tame.  It’s a lot more brutal in the comic book.  I watched the theatrical version.  There is a director’s cut coming out soon so I will watch again when it’s released.  For those who heard there was to much blue cock in the film, the nudity in the film is not an issue.  Let’s be honest dudes, you see cock everyday when you take a piss.  The flashes of it on the screen in The Watchmen are so tiny that you really have to be homophobic for it to even register.  I know it’s a man’s world but c’mon, most of the time the Blue guy is walking around wearing a Cameo Larry Blackmon cod piece anyway.  I recommend the Watchmen.  If you know nothing about the comic book series then you’ll enjoy it on its own merits as a very well done long running (2 hours 40 minutes)  popcorn political “what if” movie.  For those familiar with the comic book series, well you probably already saw it. 

californication – this season was all about consequences.  The strange thing about this show is that to normal viewers, the 2 main dudes, Hank and Runkle, have terrible relationships with the women they claim to love.  The show is suppose to be about these men and the women they love.  They are constantly at a distance with them.  Its weird.  Hanks main squeeze is in new york this season, and as you know Hank has no problem getting laid.  This guy accidently trips and falls into hot chick crotch.  Fortunately the writers saved the best for last and brought back the young lay he had in the first season.  Everything was all cute and easy going until the last episode.  Hank slept with a minor (accidently) and now the secret he’s kept for 2 years was going to be revealed.  It was a hard episode to watch, and basically turned the show into a fresh new treasure cuz its going to be interesting to see what direction the show will take.  Runkle’s divorce was also handled nicely.  Great show.

Thirst – Vampires seem to never get old as subject matter. Park Chan-wook’s Thirst is a character study with lots of blood sprinkled about.  The most unlikely Vampire would be a priest right?  After being turned into a immortal blood thirsty beast free of inhibitions, what would a priest do?  Every vampire tv show, book or movie handles the folklore different.  In Angel/Buffy they used the ‘soul’ as a determining factor in whether you’ll do the right thing and if you’ll have a conscience doing it.  In Moonlight, Twilight or True Blood the Vampires seem to be able to choose what they will or won’t do.  They can be real sweet or real evil.  In Thirst the Vampires seem to be able to choose right or wrong, but they are heavily drawn into the things the lust after.  The more repressed they were before turning, the more the unleash the monster from inside.  I enjoyed the weird pacing of Thirst.  It took a minute for the priest/vampire to get going.  It didn’t take any time for his first ‘turn’ vamp chick to enjoy her freedom from the rules of humanity.  There were some really unique moments in Thirst.  It’s not a film for everyone, but for those who like their entertainment to be on the disturbing side, you’ll get a lot out of this movie.

Breaking Bad (season’s 1 – 3) –Wow.  Incredible show.  Like Sopranos good.  Took me awhile before I peeped the first episode of this amazing show.  Who would have though the dad from Malcome in the Middle (Bryan Cranston) could act is ass off like this.  This show is incredible.  Addictive.  I hate the fact I went thru season 1-3 cuz now I have to wait for season 4 to begin almost 11 months from now.  This show is well acted, well directed, well paced, beautifully shot, and most of all it is uncomfortable as hell to watch.  Just like the Sopranos, none of these characters are really folks you suppose to root for.  They all have flaws, and most have committed acts that morally you have to look at as really bad.  Walter white, who learns he has terminal cancer decides to produce meth to take care of his family after he’s gone, is slowly learning to become something that any one of us could become given the right set of circumstances.  Jesse (Aaron Paul) is just perfect.  He will frustrate you to no end, and Walt will have his back no matter how much deeper in ‘screwed up’ he puts him.  Skyler (anna gunn) is great as well as Walts wife.  On the receiving end of neglect and lies, and just as bad at decisions as Jesse.  Hank (Dean Norris)  is the DEA agent that comes of as cock diesel, but he’s not really.   His wife (Betsy Brandt) has her little demons, and has to deal with the ever changin Hank.  Walt Jr / Flynn (RJ Mitte), who has cerebral palsy (as the actor does in real life), is another fresh dose of writing.  Incredible performance as the son of a couple who really have no idea what they are doing in life.  The rest of the casting is just genius.  One of my favorite actors (who doesnt get much screen time) Raymond Cruz is great as a psycho gang banger.  Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) is great as Walts slimy lawyer. And Gus, played by the real deal actor Giancarlo Esposito, is just television gold.  This show deserves all the praise it gets, and they should just make xerox copies of Best actor awards for Bryan Cranston.  I hope this show get at least 2 more seasons because threes so many great directions they can go.  Do yourself a favor and get this show and watch it as soon as possible.  Incredible stuff.  I will say this though.  If this show wants to remain rooted in reality, Jesse will have to go this season. 

Justified (season 1) – One of the coolest shows to come along in awhile.  I’ve always liked Timothy Olyphant as an actor.  He’s one of those thespians who was still in need of ‘that role’.  Well he’s found it.  In Justified he plays a cowboy hat relic US Marshal Raylan Givens (reassigned from Miami to eastern Kentucky) who’s quick to put a man down, and is fighting his own personal demon’s along the way.  The show is based off of a character the writing God Elmore Leonard used in a couple of books and short story.  What you have here is Out of Sight type cool dialog, in your face violence, and a locale that is a refreshing change from the typical New York, LA scenery you see in most shows now.  The supporting cast is great (especially the women in Raylan’s life), and the villains are even better.  Gems like this don’t come along too often.  Try to get your hands on Season 1 of Justified and prepared to be entertained.

Clash of the Titans – The only thing I remember from this movie a few days after watching it is the 2 beautiful women in it (one of them was lightning gwen on Angel).  Oh yeah, also Liam Neeson as Zeus. Also that Sparticus dude. This is a sci-fi channel movie with a bit more budget.  Its a shame with all the money they spend on these movies that they can’t come up with something better than this.  It not a terrible film.  It’s less than the classic 1981 version, which begs the question why make it.  The Budget would have done more service being donated to a couple of worthy school systems in need.  The movie made money, which is really a testament to just how forgiving we are with our entertainment these days. Anything can make money as long as they have a money shot in teh trailer. See it if you must, just keep in mind you’ll never get that 90 minutes of your life back ever again. Try to catch a rerun of Xena, which makes this movie look like a soap opera.

Inception – Unique is the best way to describe this one.  Its a remarkable film.  DO not go into this movie expecting a balls out action flick.  It’s not.  Its really a mystery.  For those who have to compare everything to everything else, think 'The Cell' (which I also love), not the Matrix. Leonardo Deluckio gets to work with the finest directors we have now.  This must have been one of those scripts that you read, and then giggle like a little girl realizing its been offered to you to make come to life.  Inception plays on reality and dreams.  It also taps into the myth that we only really use about 10% of our brains total CPU power.  Our minds work best when we dream because there are no limitations other than what we have been taught.  Figure out how to navigate thru someone’s dreams and you could see their innermost secrets.  It’s an interesting concept, and its the type of movie that only gets green lit after you’ve made a studio a crapshitload of money, as Christopher Nolan did with the Dark Knight.  This is a Fight Club kind of movie which asks the viewers, what’s real?  What do you want to be real?   That’s what matters in the end.  In a nutshell, Leo’s character can manipulate dreams and either steal or implant ideas and facts from one’s mind.  Of course the dude who is a master at this has his own demons.  This is what gives the flick the edge.  Are things going to end good or are they going to end bad?   Great cast, masterful direction and an exceptional music score to go along with everything.    Lets just say I’ll be seeing this one again before it leaves the theater.  It’s that good.  I hope it does well because we need more movies like this instead of the endless sequels or copycat films that they keep piling on us.

2nd viewing: Ok, not as exciting as the first. Still pretty decent. On the second viewing you realise this movie is set in the dream world so they could have went a little more nuts with that.

The White Stripes : Live Under Blackpool Lights – Ahh.  Nothing sexier than watching Meg White bang on the drums barefoot, braless in a t-shirt for an hour n fifteen minutes.  I dig the White Stripes.  Jack White is a rare breed as a musician and songwriter.  Pure analog genius is the best way to describe his sound.  Between his work with the Stripes, raconteurs, Loretta Lynn’s Van Lear Rose (which he produced) you have a rare thing in music today.  Raw simple music that's not over-produced to boring perfection like so much music is made today.  The concert is a greatest hits of sorts of their catalog, with a few covers thrown in.  Great concert film, and the direction is nice.  You don’t get the 50 cuts per minute like most stuff is shot today.  Nice long camera stills capturing the performance and fun.  Two people on stage, making jams.  Good stuff.
Surrogates – Another one of those made for the Sci-Fi (or whatever they are calling themselves now) channel movies.  It’s a quick watch, basically showing what could come of the human race if they ever figure out how to give the out of body experience the 24 hour a day treatment.  I get a kick out of how movies can cover a world wide solution to a world wide problem in one city.  Decent movie, should have had more sci and fi.
True Blood – I just have to say.  The first season of True Blood was a fast forward affair for me.  The second season however, was a 400% improvement.  The last episode sucked cuz it was anti-climatic, but it elevated itself to a show about powerful frikkin Vampires and other things that go bump in the night.  Midway thru season 3 and to me its even better than season2 simply because everything you want to see a vampire do, they do in this show.  I’,m tired of these pussy ass vampire shows and movies that come out which soften the Vampire legend to appeal to 10 year old girls.  Vampires are scary, devious and light up like a bbq fire when daylight hits them.  No diamond show.  You can have fluff like the Twilight series (I understand the books are way better than the movies) or the Vampire Diaries.  True Blood deserves the following it has because it tries to give you things you’ve never seen before week to week. 
Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Another one of those cute romance flicks with a cast you never heard of.  Thing about it is you can’t really take these movies to seriously because they base everything on highly implausible circumstances and behavior that is meant to wink at the camera.  The cast was great, and when they weren’t taking the break up thing to the nth degree, there was some tender moments, but thats just it.  The flick could have used more tender moments.  Russel Brand was hilarious, and Mila Kunis is about as cute and charming as you can never get in real life.  I never believed the 2 leads could have ever been a couple, but I guess that was suppose to be the point of the movie.
Splice – weird little film about a couple of involved scientists gluing dna from various species to the human code.  They come up with Dren (nerd backwards) who is a cross between a hot russian chick (with no hair) and the legs of a chicken (or those creatures in that one Martin Sheen flick) who can’t speak.  She does make these cute chirpy noises.   The movie tries to cover a few moral issues, but in the end flops down to the predictable.  There is a sex scene that is really out of place.  I’m not saying it wasn’t interesting to watch.  It was just forced.  Overall a nice rental. 
Knight and Day – Tom Cruise can be really creepy sometimes.  I’ve enjoyed a great deal of his films.  He’s good at the whole movie star leading action man thing.  Problem is when he’s paired with a woman, something just doesn’t feel right.  Like a gay man playing straight or something.  That’s the vibe I got from Knight and Day (and Jerry Maguire), which is not good since you have the adorable Cameron Diaz as your hot chick co star.  The movie could have been really good if there was some kind of sense of suspense.  Not once do you ever feel like anyone in the movie is in real danger.  They try to play some of the action as violent, but there's no dynamic at all.  Pity. With this movie and Killers you had the change to improve on the Mr and Mrs Smith type of flick. I think Hollywood writers are getting easy money these days with the simple scripts they get green lit.  Create something.  Please. 
Robin Hood – Why?  Why couldn't they do a Maximus prequel or something?  This was about as interesting as drinking water.  If you like costumes n stuff, then you might like it.
40 year old virgin - It had some laughs. I don't think real people act this way but rarely do movies depict 'real world' behavior. 40 years is a long time to avoid getting laid and from what I've seen in this day and age you can't help but get laid unless your a total underwear stain. That being said this is a worthy rental even though it runs about a half hour too long. The ending is the kind that's usually reserved for movies that KNOW they were comedy royality (like There's something about mary) before being released in the theaters. It was kind of out of place for this flick. Rent.
Transporter 2 - Should have been a FOX network exclusive movie instead of a theater release. I liked the first one. This one was way to short and way to stupid. The action sequences (non hand to hand combat) are ridiculous, wait till you see how he removes a bomb from a car LOL. The hand to hand combat however was outstanding. Love the grappling style. Rent it if you must.

Arrested Development seasons 1 & 2 - I know this isn't a movie but I had to give props to what is the funniest tv show I've seen in a long time. Everything I read about this show stems from their problems with staying on the air. It's sad that a high quality show like this will end pre-maturely, but it seems in this day and age of "skating with the stars" & "nanny 911" all the great one's do. If you enjoy laughing and stories that just defy explanation then you should pick up these season DVD's next time you see them. I got both of mine for under $25.

note: season 3 was amazing!

Underworld Evolution - Finally a movie to get me into the theater. Best way to describe this is to parallel it with Blade 1 & Blade 2. Blade 1 is a classic. Blade 2 is a classic sequel. Underworld (for me) is a classic. Underworld 2 is a classic sequel. They kept things simple while at the same time upping the wow factor. The vampires were ramped up, the lycons are given more to tear up, the romance isn't force fed down your throat. It's rated R for a good reason. Dig that Selene. Please ignore the critics telling you it doesn't have any 'Godfather' or 'Shakesphere in Love' moments. That's not the kind of genre this is. I can't remember too many sci fi movies that got high marks from reviewers. They seem to be looking for the menacing of life in every movie. Too bad. Great flick. Can't wait for the dvd release.
King Kong - AFter seeing Underworld Evolution and being in the theater for the first time in many months I decided to have a change of mind on seeing king kong. Glad I did. It's a spectacular movie, and those who would complain about anything in this movie simply love to complain period. 3 hours went by pretty fast, and that's the length the movie had to be. It builds up and a leisurely pace to set up getting to the island and after Kong steps in everything is updated and spectacularly done from then on. Considering the 2 leads, Kong and the blonde, have no real dialog you get performances you can feel. They should give the gorilla an oscar. I know on paper the gigantic gorilla being mesmerized by a beautiful blonde girl sounds crazy, but dude that island sucks man. Bad people, bad karma, bad neighbors, creepy crawly things...no wonder the big guy got a soft spot for the girl. Peter JAckson must have had a lot of fun building the creatures for this film. You get some real terrifying and creepy stuff. You can tell Kong was his reason for making movies. In short see this movie twice while it's in the theater. Great film. I wish that School of Rock guy would have got stomped a few times. Maybe they will have that on the 20 disc dvd special directors cut edition. One things for sure. If your blonde and cute they will never leave you behind, and there is nothing you cannot tame. No doubt.
The Departed - Good. Not Goodfellas or Casino Good. Just good. I prefer the hong kong original "Internal Affairs". It's mostly due to DiCaprio, he's just not leading man material. He was great in Titanic (and Catch me if you Can), but in these type of roles you need someone with some bass in their tone. Mark Walberg usually is about as interesting as watching bread mold, but Scorcese got a great performance out of him. The rest of the cast are veterans and ate up the screen time they had. Of course the real stars of the film are Scocese and the amazing Thelma Schoonmaker, his editor. The way she cuts a film is truly art in motion. Overall it's a solid flick, but nothing I need to see agian.
Borat - very nice..... What a freaky movie. Very funny. I never saw the Ali G Show so this is my first veiwing of Sacha Barron Cohen's comedy. He'll do ANYTHING for a laugh. THere are parts in Borat that make you cringe while you are laughing. In a way the movie is too short. Look forward to the sequel. I don't want to give anything away, lets just say that he will do ANYTHING for a laugh and will go for laughs in places that are rather taboo. See it.
Fantastic 4 - For a $2.50 rental I can't complain. "How they became" stories usually take some time to get going and the villain is usually kind of weak but when it came to tearing a lot of stuff up they came thru. That's all I really ask with superhero movies. You can't take these flicks to seriously, they can't take themselves to seriously, and please non none of that depressing Spiderman 2 shyt (tell me you don't fast forward thru the mary jane self loathing crap to get to the doc ock fights IF you want to watch it again). Recommended. note: Directed by Tim Story, who did Taxi & Barbershop (had no interest in either one of those). Nice to see another brother directing a movie that doesn't involve basketball, hustlin', or sassy stereotypical black folk.
Stealth - One of the cheesiest movies I've seen in awhile. Jamie Foxx did himself a favor in this one. Rent if you have a nice dolby digital system cuz the sound is incredible (as always in rob choen films). Beyond that you have another silly flick stretched out to a 2 dvd set. For what?
Xmen 3 - Here's another big comic book franchise that has a long his troy and plenty of source material to draw from. Hollywood feels it's better to re-write what's already been laid out and screw everything up yet again. Again like ALL hollywood movies it looks great and sounds good, but take away today's technology and what do you have? One of the biggest draws for me to the xmen comic books was Professor X's relationship with Wolverine. The second part was the fact of how powerful and badass Xavier is. The third was the conflict the Mutants had with the world and each other. Onl 1 of these elements I like showed up in this film. There are parts of this movie that work, especially the build up to the middle minus the dum ass death that occurs. Then after the that you get another dum ass death, in fact it's a series crusher. Then you get a video game level to end the flick. It's really ashame how creativity gets thrown out the window in light of opening weekend profits. But if people still flock to the mivoes in record numbers they will keep making stuff like this. Fans deserved much better.
The Last Samaurai - I know your thinking the same thing I did when I first heard of this movie. Well it is a great film. You won't notice "the Cruise factor' in this film. It's the story of a war and arms expert in the 1870's who is captured by samurai in japan on a bad military escapade and is forced to live amoung them for months. He then adapt to their culture and finds some clarity in his life. It's nicely done, and it's a beautiful film to simply look at. It's violent and also very gentle at the same time. Good flick. Check it out.
Million Dollar Baby - Well, that was a lot of fun. IF you like them slow and manipulating then you'll love Million Dolar Baby. IT's a bittersweet film about a female boxer who wants a chance to shine. She tries to win over Clint's boxer trainer character and eventually does that. That's all I'll say cuz this is one of the 'twist' flicks. It's dark and depressing in the way it was shot but it's Clint Eastwood. Say what you want about some of his shortcomings (like making a 'accurate' War movie about the battle of Iwo Jima without including 1 single african american on the screen, way to go jazz lover clint), but he's a icon who continues to make interesting movies. Check it out.
Wedding Crashers - I THis is one of those movies where midway thru it you wonder if maybe they only wrote 20 minutes od the film and decided to ad lib the rest of the way. It's funny but not "paid to see it in a theater" funny. Rent it and don't expect million dollar writing. You could have wrote this movie without your writing hand.
Casino Royale - I love the Bond franchise so this review will be a bit long winded. This is the first theater movie I've been to in 2006. Movies have been pretty shyyt-tayy to me over the past couple years. THis one was penciled in as a must see just because I read the producers wanted to give a fresh spin o bond. I think they realised what a live action cartoon it has become and decided they better do something quick to instill some kind of level headed progression in this long running series before it was too late. The Jason Bourne movies are classics for me (I've grown to love the Bourne supremecy depsite it's terrible camera work with the action sequences) and what's even more remarkable about them is that they are better than the books they are based on (at least to me). This new Bond is actualy the way Bond was suppose to be. The Best bonds in my opinion were Sean Connery and Timithy Dalton. The best bond movies in my opinion are dr. no, from russia with love, goldfinger, thunderball, on her majestys secret service, live and let die, both dalton films and goldeneye. I like stripped down bond as it was written in the original books. Casino Royale is a movei I look forward to owning. It's a great Bond movie and a great movie that non-bond fans will enjoy as well. Daniel Craig was perfectly cast, and the supporting cast was fun to watch. I really enjoyed the non-action parts of this film. That's when you know you have something special. Without giving anything away about the movie, I can say you'll see a more human Bond but at the same time the concept that the double 00's are very dangerous men dedicated to taking out a subject in the most violent way possible and then going to dinner to relax and unwind. It's about time this aspect of the character was put on film again. I liked Peirce Bronsan but he really should have had a cluase in his contract that stated he didn't have to do a bond film until they got better writers or something. No lasers from the sky, ocean secret lairs, or any of the other nonsense that has tarnished the series. I was a little woried becasue they used the same guy who directed Bronsans Goldeneye. Goldeneye was a great Bond film but when you have heavyweights like Tarrintino or John Woo offering there services, it was strange they went back to Cambell to do this kind of re-telling of the Bond character. WEll it worked. Bond is a lot like Doctor WHo. Many actors have portrayed the lead role, so the show is only as good as it's lead. I'll be seeing it a couple more times before its out of the theater.
Doctor Who season 28 (2006) - I liked this Season a lot just because they removed the personal agenda elements (the bi-sexual nature that was forced in every other episode in season 27). As I stated before sex was not something Doctor Who got into. It was the science and the fiction, and there was no longer the hidden 'romance agenda' between the doctor and rose. It's all out there but it's not the focus of the show anymore. Just great stories. While Eccleston is a stronger presence as the Doctor (he lacked a bit in the storied in regard to him being the all knowing scientist) . There's a new Doctor David Tennet and for the most part he's a likeable Doctor. He's been given more sci-fi type stories where his vast knowledge of all things really gets a chance to shine. Standouts were "Tooth and Claw", "School Reunion" (Elizabeth Sladen was so good in this, and you got Giles n K9 too!), "The Girl in the Fireplace" (didn't know doctor Who could be this sweet), "Impossible Planet" + "The Satin Pit" 2 parter, and of course the dalek vs cybermen 2 parter "Army of Ghosts" + "Doomsday". The last episode of the season saw Rose (Billie Piper) leave the Tardis in for the first time the Doctor shows emotion in the loss of a companion which he......loved. Great acting in the final part of this episode between David Tennant and Billie Piper. Now that the Doctor doesn't have to visit the tylers 5 times a season I'm looking forwrd to seeing a more space bound who. It is a time machine that can travel anywhere in the known fictional universe. Season 29 has the doctor's first black companion ever (and she won't get killed off like black characters do american television all the time). Cute and Charming Freema Agyeman who had a bit part in season 28's episode 12. looking forward to the christmas episode and I really enjoyed season 28 a lot. So glad Doctor WHo is back on television, and god bless the web!
House - Quite simply the best show on television right now. Seasons 1 and 2 are really better than it should be. WIth the premise of the show you would think things would get stale kind of quickly (as they did with CSI las vegas for me), but these characters and stories are so well written I can see the show going strong for another 3 seasons. None of these characters really like each other which makes the show work so good. I also like the fact that if something isn't working in the season story arc they put it out quickly. Also having Massive Attack's Teardrop as your theme song is a stroke of genius as well (big props to Massive Attack). If you haven't given House a chance check it cot but I recommend season 1 dvd first then go into season 2. great stuff.
Bones - First episode was less than average, but it really picked up starting with episode 2. THe last few episodes had too much posing in it and not enough story. Of course Angel n Bones should just get a room and get it over with but I guess we americans need forced romance all the time. They do have good chemistry but it gets in the dynamic of the show. I hope they resolve it. An interesting fake science fiction show.
Napoleon Dynamite - Glad I finally watched this one. You will either get the humor and tone of this movie or you won't. I did and I enjoyed it alot. I love how it was like everyone was asleep while awake in this movie. IT's a comedy classic. See it. And remember, vote for pedro...
Miami Vice - Pretty good movie. Nothing like the TV show, but all too familiar once you get into the story.The shoot outs are hardcore and the tone is very very serious. These "get the druglord" movies always end the same though. I wonder why anyone would become a narc when the drug game is very much a part of the USA economy. Why get shot and killed over something that will be until the end of days. EVERYBODY KNOWS WHERE TO BUY DRUGS. That will never change because they get to the neighborhood just as regular as sundays paper. Anyway back to the movie, I'm changing in my liking on Jamie Foxx. He was really good in this movie (and Collateral .....also from Mann). I didn't think I was looking at Jamie Foxx mugging over the screen. He was Ricardo Tubbs and had a great screen presence. I could have done with another Sonny though. Colin didn't do it for me and neither did his love interest....that alone with the lack of action was the thing that brought this movie down a couple notches for me. Could have used a couple more action sequences but Mann's movies ar usually character studies. Needed more plot. Get it right if theere's going to be a next time. I'd like to see another Miami Vice, but these days R rated movies don't get it doe for investors. Check it out.
Mission Impossible 3 - When I heard the creator of ALIAS was doing the 3rd Mission Impossible I thought it was going to go in the order 1st one excellent, next on e OK, 3rd one suckass. I was wrong. I really enjoyed it, in fact I liked everything about it. The action work was well done and the story moved pretty quickly. You forget Tom Cruise and his recent antics. No matter what he makes great movies, and he really played himself down for this role.None of the extended "look at me" fight scenes from the second film (What happened to you John Woo) Phillip Semour Hoffman was everything a bad guy shouddl be, and the story and direction of the movie was really well done. I'll be watching this a few more times in 2007.
SUPERMAN RETURNS - Critics love it to death, Ain't it Cool News is gushing (except for Mor) over it. Me? Well, the best way to sum up this flick is......lacking. It's rumored that more than $2oo million was spent on this film. That's all fine and dandy but what did they spend it on? It's a romance novel / "someone love me" drama with a little action thrown in. It certainly wasn't the script and THAT's where money should be well spent. Just like xmen 3 and Spiderman 2 I find myself wondering when did our super heroes become so sappy? Remember the joy you felt watching Spidey battle Doc OC (even though they had that bullshit "where are my powers", "i'm no longer spiderman" "mary jane may I condition and highlight your hair" nonsense) and remember how long it took to get to those wonderful sequences. What was in between them was not much fun. I remember much of what I liked about the matrix (and movies like this) was watching the story unfold right in front of you, whether there was action or dialog it was top notch. You paid attention and want wanted to see more. With Superman Returns you already know how this is going to turn out. There is no clever writing (superman spends a lot of time using his powers to spy on lois in STALK mode and listen in to people's conversations..creepy kind of), there is no even-matched villain for superman to battle (I'm sorry Lex just comes up with some dum as plots), no surprises, and too much time is spent on creating 'love conflicts' in a movie where the main subject can shoot laser beams from his eyes. Plus on top of this you think about the salary you make and wonder what you could do with $250 million lol. Like ALL hollywood movies these days it looks great and sounds wonderful, but it seems you have serviceable directors who feel they must not add anything new to a concept. Superman Returns is really the original Superman story told again. What a waste of all that money. The cast was great. Brandon Routh is a great Superman. It's like Smallville. Great cast, repetitive stories and lack of moving forward, but damn if they don't have some nice FX sequences. In fact the FX in Smalville impress way more than what I saw in Superman Returns. He moved to slow for my tastes in this film and he barely got to show off all those wonderful powers you wish you had. If you don't mind seeing a repeat of Supuerman 1 with some elements of superman 2 then by all means see it. There is no excuse to me with all that money they have at their disposal and all those original comic book series to draw from to make a retread like this. By the time anyone has figured this out it will have made it's money back. Lets hope they spring for a different director for the sequels, I mean who watches xmen 1 & 2 multiple times? Once was enough for each. Same here.
Bourne Ultimatum -This series of films rank among my favorites for trilogies (Terminator, Back to the Future), and out of all of them they are the one's I watch the most. There's something about the tone of these Bourne movies I find so refreshing. Bourne Ultimatum, the third in the series, is so entertaining and worthwhile that it makes the rest of the 2007 movie offerings seem like cheap gags. I didn't care for Matt Damon before the Bourne movies. I always thought he was more the type of guy you see working at LOWES or JIffy Lube rather than leading actor dude. I'm a fan now. I can't see anyone else as Bourne. I read this is the last of the movies with him as the lead. IF so they ended the series on a high note. Each Bourne movie is better than the last. This third one takes all the great elements of the first 2, throws away things that didn't work (the non-believable 3 story drop ending of the first one, the jerky quick cut editing of the action in the second one) and gives you mo' betta Bourne. Everything is there....the backpack assassins (assets LOL), synista government spooks, google maps on steroids, lots of unconscious bodies....and there even more kids! Hats off to Paul Greengrass (who could film someone taking a piss and brushing their teeth look exciting) and his editor. I listen to all 3 soundtracks on the regular, also a great job by John Powell (Supremacy is my favorite soundtrack) & Oliver Wood who makes these movies look so fresh. It's amazing in this day an age of CGI masters that a film can totally be the ass opposite and hold you attention like the Bourne films do. Part 3 is top notch and if your a Bourne fan you'll be seeing this at least 3 times while it's in the theaters. Counting the days till the DVD release.
The Transformers - Kids have it good today. In my day the toys sucked, there were no video games, and lord knows there were not movies where planes transformed into robots and then struck a pose. The majority of today's movies geared towards adults are really geared towards 13 year olds. They are not well written considering the budgets and amount of people each project gets. But even 13 year olds aren't dumb enough to see crap twice which is why the majority of them make their money within the first 2 weekends. The Transformers is a hard movie to fault as an adult because this is strictly for kids 13 and under, and for that crowd you have something that probably drove a lot of parents by force to toy r us afterwards to get the toys for the brats. Michaea Bay made shit transform. Cars, trucks, even cell phones. There was some kind of story attached to it, but all in all....shit transformed. If you loved the cartoon the movie was based on then you had to have a smile on your face. No, it was not a well rounded spectacle like Jurassic Park or the first Spiderman, but it did entertain and give you plenty of things to wonder at. Special Effect students will be studying the techniques of this flick for years to come. I read a lot of special effects articles and buy cinefex whenever it shows up in Borders, but screw trying to figure out how they did what they did in Transformers. It's truly an amazing spectacle. IF we could do this sort of thing for real people human problems I doubt anyone would ever catch a cold again, there would be no aids, and cancer would be cured with a pill. Funny thing is that I never had the desire to see the Transformers a second time in the theater. What does that mean? Don't know. It was certainly better than that junk ass Spiderman 3, made for a 13 year old Die Hard 4,  or made for 4 year old Fantastic Four 4, but it still wasn't good enough to warrant a second viewing in the theater. I'll get it on DVD when it comes out, but as amazing as the special effects are, once is enough if your over 13.
John Carpenters 'The Thing' - You know, I forgot how awesome this movie was. I happened to get my hands on a copy and watched it twice. The atmosphere was so cool, no music in some of the intense scenes. The gore was over the top just like it should be in a r rated molvie called the thing. They don't make flicks like this any more. I mean they butcher the human body pretty good in films (Hostell, Saw, ect), but you never get something you've never seen before. Most horror and shock films are more implied, like M Night Shamalyan's Signs. That sucks. I go to movies to SEE shit. SHow me something I've never seen before. Hat's off to John Carpenter who has done such classics as Halloween, They Live, Prince of Darkness, Vampires. Big Trouble in Little China, Christtine, The Thing (which is a remake of the classic 1951 film from diretor Christian Nyby The Thing from another World) is my favorite out of his series. See it. It's amazing to look and see at 1 point in his career he was doing a movie every year. Wow.
Hostel 2 - Ewwwwww gross. They call this toture porn. I can kind of see that. The movie is basically about sick folks with a lot of money who can set up a place where they can get their gaga's off toruring people for fun. Not for the sqeumish. Wasn't fun watching the "Welcome to the dollhouse" chick get all sliced and.......yuck. Well if your into this sort of thing then enjoy, I'll pass on Hostel 3.
Hot Fuzz - IF you can get thru the first hour n ten minutes of this then you'll be rewarded with a hilarious sendup of most of your buddie cop movies along with the nuttiest shoot outs I've seen in awhile. Done by the Shaun of the Dead guys. Cool Flick.
Shoot em up - For a $5 Matine flick you really can't complain. As a $10 or more flick you might be a little let down. Lots of r-rated violence, but the cheezy dialog will subtract from any weight you might put into the film. It doesn't take itself seriously and it's to the point where you mos def won't. Paul Giamatti is good as the bad guy (his facial expressions and way of dialog is a special effect in itself), but he shouldn't have done this part for laughs and forced creep factor. Monica Bellucci is living art no doubt. Stunning woman. Why she continues to play these kind of demeaning roles is beyond me (I know $$$$). That being as it may, she has good chemistry with the death dealer Clive Owen and does what she can with her 'role'. Clive is one of those guys I wanted to see as Bond so I really wanted this movie to be good in a serious way. Today's new directors have a problem balancing the flash with the creativity. John Woo's films were an obvious influence, but Woo's films are all about details and character development. Every bullet is accounted for whether it hits a bad guy or hits a book shelf. In this movie the rat tat tat tat tat is there in abundance, but there is no detail to the action. What you basically have here is a video game character running around in god mode. SOmeone at least please ALMOST hit him. It seems the director Michael Davis (I liked his Monster man) gave up on the notion of telling a real story where you'll care about what's going on with the character and went for a circus act instead. Pity, he had a great cast. Who knows, if there is a sequel maybe he'll actually fix what's wrong. Bottom line, see it before 6pm.
simpsons movie - It was basically 3 episodes of the tv show except everyone had shadowing in their animations. It was good enough for a rental, but as a movie I'l glad I didn't pay to see it. The best years of the simpsons were like the first 6, especially when Conan O Brian wrote for the show. Since then it's been one of those untouchable shows that will be on television as long as there is a FOX. The movie does show though, they shoudln't take that long to do another cuz it made a boatload of cash.
1408 - Nicely drirected. Dum ass plot. A Guy who makes a living writing books about so called haunted hotel and motel gets an invitation to room 1408 in a big hotel building. Samuel "keep the checks coming" Jackson plays the Hotel manager who begs this guy not to stay in the room because there is a long history of people dying overnight. Our hero ignores the warning and insists on the key and proceeds to stay overnight in the room. No one will go near the room and you have the rest of the movie. Despite the ridiculous premise there are some pretty cool creep moments. Overall another movie you'll forget as soon as you eject from your dvd player or walk out the theater. Is it me or does John Cusack in anything else but a Grosse Point Blank sequel seem like a let down?
300 - Nothing but big bad ass balls up there on the screen with this one. What I really liked about it is how highly regarded women were, as equals to the leaders. The film was shot with this faded stock look with heavy saturation on blood and gore. Cool. Great story, great direction and beleive me if your out of shape, watching this movie will want to make you start working out again. This one is highly recommended, an adult movie made for adults instead of 13 year olds.
Grindhouse - I paid $5 to see this in the afternoon. Money well spent. For those of you who do not need big deep human drama in your movies then this will be a lot of fun. It's s seperate movies along with special trailers packed in with 70's throwback vibe in full effect. I won't go into either of the stories in detail because it's Rodriquez and Tarrintino. Nuff said. 3 hours of a couple guys giving you what you want to see without apologizing.
Spiderman 3 - Best way to sum up this one is that once is enough. I have no desire to see this again, which is worse than the last one becasue at least I wanted to fast forward thru all the "I'm Spiderman no more" and "maaarrryyy Jaaannnee"garbage to get to the top notch Spidey vs Doc Ock action. There's nothing in this film that really shows off what Spidey can do other that hit various hard surfaces at high impact over and over again. For $300 million you get a nice fx demo real for particle animation and a whole lot of Spidey out of costume (He might as well leave the mask off), group crying, phone tag, and 'out of no where' plot devices. This movie will make boat loads of cash no doubt, I mean it is Spiderman. I just thing truly great movies warrant repeated viewings. I could have done without the 1 time I saw it. sidenote.........the new Spiderman 2.1 dvd has some nice action sequences that were put back in. They should have never left them out. We could have done without watching Peter Parker eat cake for 10 minutes.
live free or die hard - pretty soon every movie is going to be pg-13. especially considering it's all about the first 2 weeks of box office anyway. bruce willis should be ashamed of himself. either do it the right way or don'tdo it at all, I mean he already has more money than some of the smaller countries out there. The flying cars and traffic mayhem was ok, but even bruce looked bored in this film. Len Wiseman is a better director than this (loved the first 2 Underworld movies). He kows how to do r rated action flicks. Near the end of the movie it was almost like Bruce was phoning it in, even when another of his family was taken hostage by the bad guys. You can actually see lines of dialog being overdubbed to get the pg-13, watch their lips. If you go with low expectations you'll enjoy die hard 4. Worse has been done this summer. Its not really a die hard movie, more like your cop buddy movie except the cop has been replaced by that mac dude. See it before 6pm.
Fantastic 4 rise of the silver surfer - Well on one hand you have a character that in comic books was very interesting, and fully realized on the big screen looks awesome. Then on the other hand you have script writing that in reality I think anyone with a copy of MS Word could have done a better job with. I mean the money they spend on these movies now equals the GNP of a lot of small countries. You would think some of that chedda would get you some decent script writers. Hell in the case of comic book adaptations you don't need to write a damn thing. Just put what on the pages on the screen and update it to the times. Marvel comics were always college written, so watching these MAavel comic characters get transformed into drama queens is pretty sad. Fantastic 4 II showed you everything it had in the trailers basically. The movie itself is so silly that you don't beleive for a second the characters take anything that's happening serious....ever. But one thing Hollywood knows how to do is make money so fast that by the time you realise something stinks you've already contributed to the $150 million in 1 weekend gross they targeted. The F4 series should be way better than this, but who cares when your counting the money in increments of millions right?
The Incredibles - Kid's have it extra good today. THey aren't making escape movies this good for adults these days. How many pg-13 wonders have you sat thru and thought, wow if the budget of this shitty film was put towards raising teachers salaries or helping out single mom's that would be money better spent. You can see a love of film making and storytelling in every frame of this animated feature. Great story, great voice casting, incredible (I know) animation, I could go on and on. And mrs incredible.....ahhhhh. Holly Hunter is one of my favorite actresses to it was nice to hear her voicing mrs incredible. IF there is a flaw in this movie it's that they didn't make the sequel at the same time. See it.
Kung Fu Hustle - Wow. If you're a martial arts / fantasy fan it's like the movie that you've had in your head but never thought you would ever see with real live people doing the Fu'. I look forward to this guy's future work cuz so far I've been impressed with not only his movies but also how they are cast. No huge names, average looking people which leaves more money for the great FX. I will not explain any part of this movie cuz it's best scene not having any idea what it's about. See it.

note: kung fu hustle is my 11_05 - my 2005 movie of the year

House of Flying Daggers - Pretty decent. OF course the action sequences are off the chain, but the story is a let down. I don't want to give anything away so I'll keep quiet of what the let down was but by all means see this one. It's like Hero in that you feel like your looking at art in motion.
Elektra - This one was dogged by the critics. Personally I liked it. I've seen far far worse. It's a comic book flick so don't expect the meaning of life or "SPiderman 2' dragged out self loathing drama. Garner is an assassin who grows a conscious. Nifty FX and a fast paced story never gets dull, just try not to over analyze it. Worth a rental.
Assult on precinct 13 - The original is a much better film which makes me ask yet again, why not just take the budget of this film and apply it to a school system somewhere in need out there. Again I'm not saying this was a bad film, it's just kind of pointless to be remaking classic films if your not going to add something spectacular to them. The shoot outs are pre John Woo style in which a lot of shots go off but you don't see where the bullets go. I hate that. Rental at most. Movies like this is why I've been renting less n less.
Ringu 2 - In short the japanese version sucks so I won't be renting the american version. Besides, wouldn't Sumara/Sadako be using dvd-rw's by now? Liked the first one but it should have ended there. I could barely get thru this one. Instead try to force a bowel movement or something more useful.
After the Sunset - To be honest the only thing worth watching in this one is Salma Hayek. When she is on the screen behold.....the Salma. Beyond that wish you were an 'actor' and could go off to nice island locations to shoot a film that you know won't make any money but hey, you get paid in advance. Lots and lots of monay! Get this only if you need to worship Salma Hayek because damn she looked good in this movie in what ever she was doing. Walking . Talking. Trying to extend a deck. If your looking to save $ and do not feel the Salma ga ga get the THomas Crown Affair instead. It has Peirce Bronsan in it, its about stealing, and you will save some $$.
The Island - Critics hate Michael Bay. That's like hating Walmart. He makes movies for people who like to see shit blown up on screen with no regard to safety or the need of constraint. The Island, a movie about what can happen in fiction land when the gov' ment turns their backs and lets maniacs have their way with 'cloning for parts", is a great b-list cast action movie with a-list action and FX. For the first 50 minutes your not sure if it's a michael bay movie cuz it's trying to tell like, a story, but then theirs running and gunshots and freeway mayhem. I liked the movie, but then I don't take movies so seriously. I was entertained and that's all I ask. Honestly I think he made this movie because he got such a buzz off the bad boys 2 freeway chases he just wanted to ramp it up by focusing more on cars being demolished.
Batman Begins - Well done. I was expecting a decent movie just because they got a director that actually likes telling a story (chirstopher Nolan). Nice touches with things directly from the comic books and graphic novels. No camp, just a pissed off dude enjoying his vigilantly work. No bullshit romance either. Check it out.

Constantine - Lately I have been bypassing the theater all together since much of what is released now just doesn't warrant the drive and money. No War of the Worlds, Batman Begins, ect. If this is all they can make then I'll spend $2 to rent them on new release tuesday. Take Constantine. Pretty kool movie. Kool enough fro my theater money? The verdict after watching is no. Very nice rental movie, ok theater movie. I'm not saying it was some pass the time bullshit. It was pretty good. Finally someone actually talks to all these angels and deity's in a movie. Keanu Reeves take on John C is well, Keanufied. He doesn't really act since he has 2 facial expressions which are really a blend of one. THey made a nice flick around him just like the Matrix series & Devil's Advocate. Rachel Weisz (playing twins) is always nice to watch. Gabriel was really nice and for the most part this was one of those movies where the dialog was fun, even for a non God fearing person like myself. THe comic book was exceptional, but there is only so much they are willing to do in these movies, even with a r rating these days. Rent or buy, it's worth the scratch.

note: Purchased the 2 disc version. THey should not have cut out the deleted scenes on disc 2. There's a nice subplot going on with another woman in John's life and more detail given on characters. The cut ending is better. Why on earth did they cut so much good stuff out? Good dvd for geeks (like myself).

War of the Worlds - As with all of Spielberg's recent work from Lost world to now, you get 1/2 genious, 1/2 what the hell? THis could have been really good, especially learning that this thing cost $139 million to make. Where did the money go? The action sequences are gone before you have a chance to go wow. In fact if you cut out the hokey dialog and bullshit situations the movie would be about 25 minutes long. The Book and the original movie are still classics to me (where else do you see a priest get lit up with a death beam?). To set this in modern times and not smart up the flick to keep the story in check is criminal. Tom Cruise is well....Tom Cruise. ANyone could have played his part and freed up an additional $20 million (or whatever these guys get now) for better writers and longer action sequences. Missed opportunity.
Mr & Mrs Smith - Pretty good. Don't get it for realism though, it's far fetched. If anyone else but Doug Liman directed this I probally wouldn't have bothered with it but anyone who makes The Bourne Identity has my money. My only problem with this movie is that it's one of those vehicles where there's nothing really at stake, in fact after they figure everything out there's no more story, no villain. The ending is rushed, abrupt and asks the viewer to swallow a whole lot shit. It killed the movie. But I have to admit the chemistry between Jolie and Pitt was kind of worth the money I sprang for the DVD. I could give a cow's testicle of what any hollywood star's love life is about (with the money those people make and having 24 hours a day to do nothing but look good why on earth would you get married anyway?), but I guess it helps those two were really into each other cuz it shows on screen. Jolie looked stunning. I always found her to be attractive but not goo gaa. She was goo gaa. I like Pitt as an actor, but all they had to do really was look really good. Made me want to do push up's & eat celery for a month watching this movie. They looked real good, like I want to be down. The writers should be smacked for not coming up with a better story to carry out the second half of the film. And if you your going to have a shoot out do it up hong kong John Woo detailed style and make every bullet count. Some slow motion and doves would have been nice. Hearing Jolie speak without a accent was a change for me. Overall rent this baby, don't buy unless you have to see these two together over and over again. It's thin on depth, but looks smashing.

Serenity - Well, I wasn't blown away like I thought I might be considering this is another Joss Wheadon production (buffy, angel) and was worshipped by critics n firefly fans. It's a good movie, in fact the pace is so good time flys by. it's almost 2 hours but feels like a 88 minute movie. The story is not the kind of thing you would think a writer/director would make a feature film out of, but the pace and dialog is so good that it makes up for the lack of 'theater' story you might come to expect. They released this thing in 3 months after the theatrical release and to be honest it should have been a tv movie on the sci-fi channel. It's along the likes of Farscape's final movie, another top notch tv show that was cancelled to make way for garbage television, except the Farscape movie gave more bang than Serenity. I never saw an episode of firefly on tv but meant too. In fact i'll probally buy the season dvd when I find it under $19 based on this movie. It looks like it was a great tv show.

note: got my hands on the season 1 dvd set. Interesting show. It's really a western with spaceships thrown in. I like the fact that in this series THERE IS NO SOUND IN SPACE. That alone get's props. The Cast is great and the women naturally are all unnaturally HOT, which seems to be a TV standard. The future is depicted in a realistic way, it shows technology will never replace the nature of man so there will always be campfire's, settlements, and mercs.

Two For the Money - Starts out good, then it fizzles like 3 day old pepsi. What a waste of a great cast. You don't learn much about sports gambling either.
Lord of War - Pretty good if you can get past the Nicolas Cage effect. Nic 'Copolla' Cage is Nic 'Copolla' Cage in every movie. Same talk, walk and swagger. You really have to make the people around him interesting, and 'S1MONE" director Andrew Niccol keeps it interesting. Luckily in this flick they have some good support. The great opening sequence that follows the life of a bullet. THe trophy wife (Bridget Moynahan) is good. Ethan 'blink and you'll miss him' Hawke is great for the underwritten role he had. The Eamonn Walker as the liberean Andre Baptiste Sr., his performance made the movie for me(but he goes unmentioned in most reviews I read, typical). THe chemistry between him and Cage was interesting in a movie basically about souless monsters. Good movie, worth the rental.
Doctor Who season 27 (2005) - Doctor Who is my favorite television show period. Noting has come even close to touching it in terms of long term enjoyment and ingenuity in story's and ideas. In fact most sci fi shows I watch are splinter ideas taken from Doctor Who. I mean it has over 30 years of stories to 'borrow' from. When you see the Borg you see the Borg you see Doctor Who. WHen you see Quantum LEap you see Doctor Who. When you see Farscape (which was really good as well) you see Doctor Who. It's a truly amazing show that has so much history to it and remained underground for 30 years which kept it's show strictly for the fans that like their television to challenge them. True the production values were low but fans don't need flash and bang t to be entertained. Doctor Who always had top notch actors and great performances. You had to have that to make the low budget sets and FX look real. Can't praise this show enough. THAT being said I wanted to give a quick review to the new 2005 version (season 27) of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston as the timelord and Billie Piper as the new companion. This new start of Who is produced by Russell T Davies who is known for the show Queer as Folk. He did a amazing job in bringing Doctor Who back to an audience who for the most part will not pay attention to things unless it's moving at a fast pace. Old Doctor Who episodes were actually more like 90 to 100 minute movies that were broadcast in half hour spots. Luckily here in the states we got them as 1 90 minute broadcast. The new Doctor Who is mostly 45 minute productions with a couple of 2 partners in the mix, 13 episodes is al you get. This means you have to cram a lot of ideas into a short time frame. Russell T Davies has taken a new approach with Doctor Who and has focused on just about every angle you can have with traveling in time and space. How it effects companions and how the Doctor needs companionship in his LIVES. The first season was top notch stuff. Eccleston brought the Doctor back with a bang. Billie Piper tans Rose Tyler has made a companion character that rivals some of the best in Who (Elizabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith, Louise Jameson's Leela, Janet Fielding's Tegan, ect) and their chemistry was really nice. The stories really brought out the new look to who where production values are much higher now. The stories while being too earth bound were nice. Standouts were "the unquiet dead", "dalek", "Father's Day", "The Parting of Ways".
Saw - How much you will enjoy this movie depends on how forgiving you are on reality vs 'ok it's a movie'. It had a couple good moments, but basically it was like looking at those old Floria Sigismondi music videos. Style over substance. Not a bad movie, just rental only.
Troy- All I really remember from this is a buffed up Brad Pitt. Made me want to get the hell off the couch and work out. You know, some stories have a much better impact in print only. This one could have funded a better cause, like rescuing a public school system. Also there were no gods. No gods = no movie. You could get wrpaaed up in all the nice costumes n sandles I suppose, but at the end of the day it's another one of those 'have you no honor' / cgi men n ships battle flicks you've seen a dozen times now.
The Grudge (US version) - Decent. The additional scare scenes were pretty good, but really - how scary can a movie be when it's designed to scare at a 13 year old's level. Stick to the Japenese version if you want genuine scares and lack of dumming down of the story. I like the Buffy though.
Friday Night Lights - As great as the critics made it out to be. Nah. Great movie? yep. Best example of why ANY athelete out there, even high school kids, should have the highest insurance policy they are able to get until they reach the pro's. One minue yeah! Next mintue "awwwww fuck my knee"! Billy Bob is on point as usual and the action actually hits harder than "Any Given Sunday" which is a favorite of mine.
Mean Girls - FUnny flick. Every 5 years or so they come out with a teen comedy which breaks down the social order of high school while giving male viewers plenty of eye candy to look at (last one was Clueless). This one actually involves the grown ups though, like you acutally see parents n adult figures for more than 3 minutes. The story is really to silly to exlpain. Just sit back and watch over-developed supposely high school girls stab each other in the back while ignoring the world around them. The Japanese girls were hilarious. Also Tim Meadows as the principle was nipple pinch funny.
The Forgotten - Interesting premise at first, but then it gets REAL stupid after the first 'shock' in the film. You have to wait awhile for it to happen. Kind of like those awful M Night films (minus the sixth sense which is a classic) where nothing makes any sense, but it's shot so stylishly complete that your alomst fooled into beleviing things do make sense. That's the Forgotten. Pity, I like Jullianna Moore (redheads....mmmmm), but she should have passed on this project until they had a complete story.
Without a Paddle - I laughed a lot. Silly buddy movie. Seth Green is pretty funny as the pent up doctor thrown into crazy situations due to his more outgoing freinds. Funny rental.
Yu On (the grudge - original version) - Interesteing movie. If your going to do curse / ghost story you might as well go all out. Japanese horror filmakers have a better sense of how to make creepy shit without being concerned on how your going to be judged by the squeemish. The story is what you make of it really, it can be interpreted any way you want. SOme creepy stuff in it. Glad I saw this before the US remake. The US remake better be better than this otherwise I'm going to be wary of people making great movies twice just because we here in america have a problem not seeing 'americans' on screen.
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind - Instant classic. What I loved about this movie (beyond having Kate Winslet in it, she's da shit!!) is that it takes a subject that has been run into the ground and made it interesting to watch again. I'm talking about Love of course. I'm sure many people wished at some point they could erase the memory of someone they cared deeply about, but as it turns out you could never truly have what you had without both the good time or the bad. In this movie Jim Carrey (this is the first 'serious' movie other the Trueman Show I've watched of his) elects to have his memory ereased after fidning out his girlfriend has done the same. He realises too late that he's still in love with her and wants it to stop. That's all I'll say on that, but I will add that one of the great things about this movie is that it's not just your mind that brings 2 people together, it's also your heart and where it takes you at that right moment. There are some incredible sequences FX wise as well because after all, a great majority of it takes place in the mind. Great movie, and I hope Charlie Kaufman keeps writing treasures like this.
Shaun of the dead - Very funny. Not really scary of course. More of a statement in the way we live our lives in relation to the living dead. What's the difference?
Sky Captain - THis movie is really for film & graphic artists. It's a decent flick, but I can see why it fizzled in the box office. It's one long money shot. Nothing to really talk about other than how the movie looked. I'm sorry to say but although it's impressive what they did, you get the sense watching it that the actors are pasted onto their enviroments (see the 3rd chapter) which makes it hard to beleive harm will come to them. Giant robots fall to the ground with people standing what appears to be 5 feet away like it's nothing. The extras are good but you know there is going to be a 2 disc collectors edition out 5 months from now. I really wanted this to be a classic but something about it kept me from seeing it opening day in the theater. Glad I waited. Not a bad film at all, see it once for sure.
Welcome to the Dollhouse - Todd Solondz is my kind of director. He treads where the Spielbergs, Sondehiem and Scott brothers would never have the balls to step into. TO be honest I didn't know he did this film, and the title was never in my old town's video store. Glad I finally got to see it. Heather Matarazzo is perfectly cast as a pre teen girl going thru the terrible stress of being 'odd looking' and a middle child. It's funny too cuz i knew a couple girls like this when I was young and all of them have grown up to be very attractive (as Heather Matarazzo has become) and well balenced girls. THey are curious about how the supposely 'right' people live and wonder when they will get their chance at things. I love they way it ended with her asking the kind of questions you do when you realise that this is the way things are. THe story is all over the place as it should be. Todd Solondz will throw situations and langauge in his films that might some people a little skiddy (check out Happiness & Storyytelling), but he does in a way that comes accross very 'natural'. People in this movie are acting instead of reading off paper. Her older brother in the film is very funny as well. My favorite part is when she's watching the musician she has a crush on eat food she prepared for him. He's hardly aware she's there sitting next to him while he munches down. It's a funny moment because you can see on Heather's face teen lust combined with the total innablilty to understand why or what to do. When you feel like this all you can do is stare and wonder. Great film.
Chronicles of Riddick - Watched this one right after Collateral. What were they thinking? The only saving point for me was that the movie had Alexa Davalos (used to appear in Angel from time to time) which was very nice to look at. Everything else was ridiculous on a level that I'm sure had the investors of this film more and more nervous the more they received cuts of the film. I was thinking with what they spent on making this film it could have benefited public schools in bad neighborhoods. Or perhaps more money to bring an alternative source of energy to man. Or maybe the money could have gone to making a much more affordable Sybian machine. ANything but what I saw. THe sound was good though, but these days just about all movies have great sound.
Collateral - Say what you want about Tom Cruise, one things for sure.....he picks the scripts that pays the bils and always works with the best directors. HIs co-stars are usually very good. Take Jamie Foxx. Not excatly my cup of tea when it comes to actors but if he's in a movie with subject matter I can get into (ANy Given Sunday) I'll check it out. Tom Cruise was on as usual, but JAmie Foxx made this movie what it was. In fact I found the dialog more interesting then the action bursts. I'm sure their are a lot of poeple out there feeling like his taxi driver character, and at the same time you begin to see what drives Cruise's assassin character as well as the movie progresses. Given a different upbringing both characters were bright enough to shine in different professions. DOes the stroy have any homes? OF course, but it's still entertaining enough to warrant multiple viewings for yours truly. Overall one of the best of 2004 for me.
Something's Gotta Give - All right movie. A bit awkward at times. Jack is mellowing out as he get's older for sure, and it's good to see someone play themselves at the age they are at (will you buy Harrison Ford as Indy again?). I didn't fall asleep, which is what these kind of "all black music soundtrack no black people in the movie" deals usually do. I'll say this, getting old sucks rat scrotum for sure.
Looney Toons in action - I was really hoping this would be funnier than it was. About all I can say about it. Oh yeah, it had Daleks in it
Gothika - This movie really is a good example of what's wrong with Hollywood. The premise is great, the first 30 to 40 minutes of the film is good, and then they dum it up. Worth a rental only, and you'll know how it ends after the first 15 minutes. At least I did.
Belly of the Beast - Another Steven Seagal flick which get's back to the basics. He may be swollen now, but he still puts on a good show (the foreigner, , out for a kill, yakuza, unleashed, under seige 3) and he seems to want to have fun with these flicks which obviously must be easier for him to shoot overseas. R-rated violence with just enough plot to thread the action together. He's not going to be winning any oscars anytime soon, but nevertheless I am entertained. Hope he keeps making them just like this
Freddy vs Jason - Not bad. Could have been much better, but then it would have to take itself seriously. I remember when horror movies where suppose to scare you.
American Pie 2 - I laughed. That's all I can really ask for these Pie movies.
Underworld (DVD) - Instant classic, on my all time favorites. Liked it even better the 2nd and 3rd time. I know it could have used some more money, and the vampires were basically people who shot guns, did filps, and stuck to ceilings when scared, but I still dig it. Looking forward to the sequels. Ramp up the Vamps please.
Spiderman 2 - As you can tell by my lack reviews lately I've been skipping a lot of the pg-13 drivel they have been dropping at the theaters like turds. I'll catch that crap on rental. The spirits of 'non bullshit' spoke to me and their voices in my head would not stop until I saw this one. Holy shitfuck was this a good movie. 3 times better than the first one, which wasn't that bad. It was just missing some Spiderman things which this one got right (strength, smarts, ect). The action sequnces are so good that you have to take a deep breath and relax when they are done. The 'drama' is surprisingly real, and this time the romance aspect of the film added to its charm. Seeing Doc OC on the big screen tearing shit up while Spiderman cracks jokes made a tear roll down my right eye. In fact this movie was like reading the early black n white spiderman comics (the best). Sure it's a re-tread of Superman 2, but it doesn't get too much better than this at the movies. See it. See it frikkin now! Warning though, it takes it's sweet 'Dawson's Creek' time to get to the action sequences on repeat viewings.
The Bourne Supremacy - Well, it was a good matine movie. Not as good as the first for me. The action sequences were shot with that jerky / shaky camera style that makes it impossible to know what's really going on (mostly hand held camera). You also have one of the most dissapointing hand to hand action sequences put to film consdiering you have the best trained characters in the movie going at it. The way it was shot was horrible. The story was good but because there is no pay off in the action sequnces you just sort of follow it along. Also I expected more violence and ruthlessness from Jason Bourne, especially after the beginning set up. Reminds me of T2's approach lol. FOX's 24 has more adult violent content thant this thing did. I'm not ashamed to admit I like violent cool smart action movies. Too bad, it's Smartly written, but I was expecting more on the action side. Great cast, Matt Damon is very cool a Bourne (never liked Damon until the Bourne movies), the fault in this one is the direction. Why they needed a new director is beyond me anyway, the first one was top notch. I did like the various long shots of the various locations they were in, and the car chase was pretty nice. All in all a average flick, and clearly a testament to how the pg-13 rating has watered down adult action movies. - note: upon repeate
I, Robot- I, Will Smith. Nuff said! Seriously though, a ok movie. The ending gets silly & rushed. Some cool parts in this movie, and some real dum one's. THe premise for the main crime that WIll Smith's character is investigating will make you laugh when they 'reveal' the why. Matine or rental.
Hero - Well, I really wanted to like this one. It's a sight to behold as far as the look, but that's the thing. It's really a art movie. The action doesn't really mean anything because of the dis-jointed way the story is told. Too bad, top notch cast.
Alien vs Predator- pg-13? This cold have been so good if they would have left the humans out of the story arc. The story is silly. There are parts that are nice to see, but trust me, it's only when the bad MF's battle. The main thing that kills this one is the story. It's hard to beleive that teams of writers, editors, script research people come up with crap like this. In fact that's how the movies have been for the past year. pg-13 forgettable junk. THis should have been a classic.
Van Helsing - Glad I waited to see this on rental. Actually someone elses' Xmas present. Best thing about this movie was those kinky freaky brides. Love to see more of them. That's how vampires are in the books I read. Everything else is so so. Love the Underworld babe too. If you have a great sound system or just love fresh cgi every 7 minutes then it will justify a rental or discount purchase.
Dawn of the Dead - Cool movie. The original is 3 times better of course just because they didn't have the creative restrictions we do these days. I watched the 'unrated' cut. A lot of the social opinion from the original was left out of this one to make it a straight forward zombie movie. No zombies wandering in malls remembering their lives as consumers. Just straight shotgun action. Overall a good flick.
Big Fish - A sweet movie by Tim Burton, the director of that turd Planet of the apes remake. A guy can only relate to his father by the tall tales he's told him about his life, and now that his father's life is ending he wants to know who his father is minus the tales. What's fact or what's fiction. The ending, if you have a human heart, will make you cry. I did. Nicely done.
Butterfly Effect - Took me awhile to get to it. Instant classic. Great story, great cast, and great ending. Didn't wuss out or go the pg-13 route (poor eric stolz) BEst flick of this kind since Donnie Darko (you knowm several realitites, ect) for me. I read a lot of reviews tripping on the fact that Achston Kutcher was starring in this, like it was a big distraction. Talk about complaining just to complain. A good movie is a good movie, and he did a great job. He'd be smart to do more stuff like this. CHeck it out.
Scary Movie 3 - Not even worth typing another word.
Bad Santa - I like movies where they put some extra R into R rated. Funny sick ass movie, and I like the way it ended. I've heard complaints on how vulgar the movie is. Funny how all the complaints are from 'critics' and the people who paid money and saw it loved it. I'll be watching this one again soon.
50 first dates - I know this movie had about plot 100 holes in it, but I have to say it's one of the sweetest movies I've seen in awhile. Drew Barrymore has never looked & acted more adorable as a girl who has lost her short term memory. Adam Sandler is...well...Adam Sandler. You either like his flicks or you don't . I do. Get it and watch it with a girl (or whatever your into) you care about. Critics ripped on it, shows how much fluff they have lost in their lives.
Day after tomorrow - If you've seen the trailers or have peeped the 10 minute preview they have shown on Fox & FX then you basically have seen the movie. No surprises, and you can tell once they blew shit up, drowned sets with water, and blew stuff down they had no money left over. It's actually too bad becuz this could have been a great story, and it could have used more visuals to give us a fictional idea of where our planet is headed. Great premise, TV movie of the week delivery. The LA tornado scenes were very nicely done though. We've seen the 100 foot tital wave already. Dennis Quiad can sure make some funny faces.
Man on Fire - Could have been much better. The line in the trailer "I'll tear your family apart peice by peice" that made me want to tsee this doesn't excatly carry the same weight in the film. You'll see what I mean. I was hoping for something a lot harder. It takes it times, does a nice job of making you give a shit about the characters. After he get's pissed off and starts on his crusade it begins to take the road I was hoping it wouldn't. The 'surprise' in the film as far as the villian was ridiculous, when you see it you'll see what I'm talking about. No one could be that far gone. It's a shame because you had the right cast & setting. Tony Scott's 'freak mode n cut' style of filmamking can wear on the nerves, esepcially during action or torture sequences since rarely is the camera focused on anything for more than 1.5 seconds. Anything Denzel does as far as being methodically ruthless gets watered down because you really don't see what he's done to the point where you feel the pain. Another thing that puzzled me is that with Denzel's character's 'extensive history, training, and military expertise', the way he goes about his revenge business really doesn't reflect anything special as far as his skills. I was expecting some come blooded calculated shit. That's not what I got. The ending sucked as well. As you can tell by mymini review I wanted this flick to be really good, not average like the rest of the crap that gets released. It was average, and considering you have Denzel (smooth brother) & the man who directed TRUE ROMANCE & CRIMSON TIDE there's really no excuse for making ho hum product like this. Oh well, forthe matine price I paid I could have done worse. I miss the days of Arnold, Sly and the rest of the violent action hero SUPASTARZ.
Kill Bill vol 2 - Nicely done. No way you can top the bravado of the first installment so QT came with the story. I had some issues with it but not enough to take away from enjoying the flick. Warning, those expecting the action of the first one, you won't get it. It's more story driven, and it takes it sweet time. THose you love watching people talk for 2 hours will have orgasms. THings I thought were missing was never seeing these characters in their element. Charmed life QT lives. Kill BIll must have been a joy to make, and the fun the actors & actresses show in their performances make this second installment worth seeing..............once.
Punisher - I enjoyed it. Saw this the same day I saw Kill BIll 2 and I enjoyed both of them equally. This was a nice brutal r-rated revenge flick. Of course there's a few things you have to forgive, but keep in mind it's a comic book movie. I thought this one was going to suck when I heard about it, especially with Trovolta being the villain. Trovolta was un-Trovolta like which made the movie easier to get into. It's pretty hardcore at parts, but they could have made it much more hard core and left some of the comedy out. After the DOlph Lundren Punisher dud a decade ago I thought they would fix this aspect of it. The last 25 minutes of it more than make up for it, and it's the Punisher I remember reading as a shorty. He used to think things like "Death blow to the 3rd vetebre, death instaneous" while smacking up some drug dealer who deserved punishing. I hope it makes enough to warrant a sequel. Has a lot of potential.
Hellboy - Pretty good. Thought it would be a little darker or have more at stake. As with these types of movies it's the ending and predictablility that klll them from being top notch all the way thru. Still it's got it's moments. It has comic book destruction which I can't get enough of. Abe is a great character, the short screen time he had.
Avalon - NIce virtual reality movie. Peep it if it's in a video store near you. Heavy on story and details, but the action sequences are nicely done. I'm really enjoying these smaller sci-fi Japanese & hong kong action films.
Fist of the Dragon - Decent Woo Ping movie. Another rich vs poor, government conspiracy type plot to wrap some incredible martial arts action around.
Cabin Fever - Fun and gross, though not as gross as I was led to believe. It's nice to see that there are still directors out there who don't flinch becuz their movie isn't pg-13.
Rundown - Well I smelled what the rock is cooking and I have to say I liked it. Of course you forget everything you saw as soon as you eject the dvd from you player. PG-13 will do that. I hope he takes ARNOLD's path and work with only the best directors and make R-Rated adult hard core action films in the future. Working with Stiffler only get's you so far. Ask Chow Yun Fat.
So Close - The action in this movie is great. There was a story to this but it's best not to really get into it that hard. Instead drool over the beautiful Asian babes kicking ass and shooting everyone while their hair gently flows in the breeze
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I finally saw this. After reading reviews and listening to am radio critics rip this to shreds I have to wonder did they see the same movie I did. I mean how can you complain about a movie like this being too violent and uncaring. I think it was nicely done. I mean the story is about a group of kids heading out to a concert who end up being used as fashion wear or chased by a fast moving guy with a chainsaw. THis and "wrong turn" would make a good horror movie night.
SWAT- Another pg-13 should have been R-Rated action movie. This one is based on a TV show maybe 12 people have actual knowlege of. All in all though it was a decent movie. If it was ramped up in regards to the story and action it might have been one of the great ones. Good rental.
Swimfan - This could have been shown on FOX or USA network. Not really "feature film" quality, should have been r-rated and more ruthless. I do like the psycho girl movies though!
I spy - Another one of those tv based pg-13 movies that didn't need to be made at all. Eddie....slow down dude.
Monster's Inc - Cute.
Femme Fatale - Nice music. Nice camerawork. Nice T&A. Everything else seems to be there just to appear clever.
Finding Nemo - Magical. Kid's have it good these days with quality product like this being released for them. Easily one of the best films this year, in fact I'd go so far as to call it a work of art. Truly amazing.
Jeepers Creepers 2 - You can tell the director has a special love for young men heh heh. Decent sequel, but hardly any suspense.
League of Extrodinary Gentlemen - Average movie, but boy did it look great. Great thing about it is Peta Wilson as the Vampire doing thangs a vampire is suppose to do. I get tired of all the vampire movies out there that keep them grounded and simple as far as their abilities. GLad to see one let loose, plus Peta is one of my favorite actresses (La FEmme Nikita TV Show). Everything else about the movie seems forced.
Freaky Friday - No complaints at all. A very funny movie.
Paycheck - I miss Hong Kong John Woo. What he is doing now is strictly for paychecks. Anyone could have directed or starred in this one. It had a great premise but unfortunetly everything on screen has been done before, in fact I'm sure the sci-fi channel's in house directors could have done as good as job. John Woo, quit fucking around with this baby shit you've been making over the past 7 years and get back to hard core business with Chow Yun Fat!!
Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith - (Remember when reading this review that I am a casual SW fan) If you forget the first 2 flicks were made then this is what you should watch after Return of the Jedi if your a star wars casual fan. If your a self appointed Jedi Knight then Lucas could have Yoda blowing his nose for 120 minutes and you would scream in joy. IF you have kids forget it, they must see this. This is Star Wars, and Lucas owns your ass no matter what. Overall it's a entertaining film, and this time not just for the special effects, which are pretty special. The story finally comes into the 'over 8 years old' writing arc. It's a rushed story simply because I Think Lucas realised that hey, this is the last flick in the series , better start on this Vader thing. In a remarkable unrealistic short amont of time Annikan loses his mind and flips to the dark side and freaks out in a moonage daydream oh yeah. How deep you take the story is how much of a free pass you give Lucas. It's a fact that the previous pictures were made simply to make money (at least to me), and to really let those cgi guys go nuts. EVerything else was secondary and from what it looks like it written on the fly (as all the DVD's extra content indicates). No way were these movies 'prewritten in the 70's as a six part story' lol. Wow my ranch veiw is pretty......decade goes by....still pretty....few more years go by.... Ok, make it and they will come. Poof, 3 'prequels' and a lot of cash. Back to the movie...overall It's 'dark' but no darker than really good episodes of Farscape, Buffy, or Angel (which are WAY more entertaining than the Star Wars series). I do have to say I thought the first Star Wars movie and the Empire Stikes back were pretty incredible but they are over 20 years old. Times have changed and sci fi has so many good 'players' out there you really have to dum yourself down to truly get back into the force. Even with all this I own the prequels on dvd and will own sith. Why? Because they are incredible DVD's, despite their shortcomings (just like the Matrix series). End the end what it all comes down too is that Lucas is going to get your money. It doesn't matter what he makes. He made close to 2 billion with the first 2 prequels and now that he's finally telling a real story he will make another billion with this one. Must be nice. Dude even owns his own FX house. Lovely. Final word - See it. Most people aren't as critical as I am so I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it. Also to see how dedicated star wars fans are check out these links for more films.
Radiohead : Hail to the Theif - Best CD from the since 'the bends' and ok computer. Less of the techno blips and bleeps and more of the sweet tone guitars theses guys are famous for. Some of the songs are just plain ambient in feel. They gave away a hell of an album for free, I tell you that.
Britney Spears : blackout - Well I was one of the few who actually liked Paris Hilton's CD, so I guess after listening to this I could not find any reason not to like it any less than that. Say what you will about Britney and her F'd up public image, she managed to put out something that was at least2 2 steps up on Kelly Clarkson's My December. The obvious use of autotune software doesn't really bother me cuz these days I think very little music is pure performance. For what it is it's decent pop music. I've heard a lot worse.
amy winehouse : Back to basics - First of all any singer who performs with live musicians gets props from me. Dat being said what you have here is an amazing voice testing the waters. IT's a great album to listen to, period. Even when some of the songs are a little lesser, her voice makes up for any shortcomings.
Rihanna- good girl gone bad - Me really likes this CD. I think Rihanna must be an interesting person cuz her album suggests she listens to a wide variety of music. When I say wide variety of music I mean as a black person she goes beyond R7B, hip hop & the occasional smooth jazz record. Me thinks she digs classic rock and alternative as well. Her album is all over the place in a nice way. A blend of straight pop and r&B with a playful sense of adventure. Lyrically it tries harder to entertain. I'd rather hear a girl sing psycho like about smashing dishes than "get my nails did, iz u my boo" type junk. The productions aren't typical, and when I say typical I mean it doesn't sound like everything else that's on the radio. Mid tempo, house, stripped back...all kinds of styles. She sings within her range and sells each song for what it is. It's like Janet Jackson when she was really hungry making Control and Rhythm Nation. Great Pop Music. Nice one. Oh yeah, she is purty too, but thankfully I'm actually more interested in listening and enjoying the music instead of ignoring it and thinking about her doing a lap dance for me. I mean c'mon some of these female artists might as well do soft porn.
Mark Farina : house of OM - Mark is pro bally my favorite DJ out there right now. His track selection is always interesting and funky. HOuse of OM is another classic. Check it out.
Alicia Keys : As I am - I wish she would realize she's not in the hood any more and start writing real songs. Alicia Keys is one of hate rare r&B singers today who can actually get away with singing songs without having to be a stripper to get someone to pay attention. She's a great talent, but she needs direction. She needs her George Martin or someone like that who can get out of her the things she doesn't even know she's capable of. It's hard to listen to these songs from beginning to end cuz it's all been sung before from her. That's a problem with R&B since the 90's. All that is being sung about is ass, booty, and betrayal. The single 'No One' is really nice, but by the time the arrangements star getting interesting it's the end of the songs already.
REM : accelerate - Nicely done. Albums are way to frikkin long these days. NIce to see a band who knows how to write great songs give you just the goods, no filler. The productions hark back to their IRS days, which is when they were untouchable. Buy it now.
Kate Nash : made of bricks - Nice album. I'm a sucker for chick records and chick voices. This was an interesting listen. It's almost like listening to someone learn how to write songs and sketch out ideas. Luckily with the music biz being so shitty, it's nice to hear an artist start to develop right before your very eyes. The thick british accent gets me too. Foundations is lovely and "Nicest Thing" is extraordinary. I love it when emotions are laid out direct to digital recorder. Looking forward to the next album.

madonna : hard candy - Well, it has it's moments. I think this is just a Madonna experiment. Kind of like releasing a bunch of b-side songs (with a-list producers) for the fun of it. Why else would she want to sound like 50% of what's on the radio already. I mean Rihanna's cd makes Hard Candy look like a demo. I know the top names in productions is in on this one but honestly, we've heard better from them (Neptunes, Timbaland, ect). I know I have this automatic switch in my mind to where when I hear any singing from Pharrell (or Moby) my hands automatically hit the fast forward button on my mp3 player. Can't stomach it. Great producers they are, but vocalists no no no. Thankfully it's kept to a minimum here but when it happens....ewwwww. If you want to hear Madonna at her best, and when I mean best I mean when she's working with producers who are trying to push things musically, go get 'Ray of Light' and 'Music'. Now that's the Madonna I like. Timeless jams from producers you never heard of. Hell, I still remember the first time I hear Music (the single)....shit blew my mind, and then I got the CD and was like who da hell produced this! ReSpect! I guess those days might be over. It's a listenable album, but I dont know if I need to listen to it again.

Timbaland : Shock Value - I For the most part the CD Works. Some nice songs there. The overall production screams BEATS and not music so the drums will always be at the forefront. He mixes it up with a variety of tempos and the star power he has on the record shows how much clout he has in the industry. Timbaland is one of the few all in one music producers out there today I label genious. Pick it up.
Mark Farina - Live in tokyo - Another stomper. Released not to long after House of OM, this one has more of a dub vibe to it. You get the crowd noise but it's obvious that it was mixed in to the direct line mix. Check it out!
Bob Dylan - Dylan - you don't realize how good Bob Dylan is until you hear what he did yesterday. He's never slowed down and he's never put out bad music. When he sings I listen, and I try to understand. That's very rare these days with music. They have everything you could want on this collection. Can someone tell me what vocal mic Dylan uses? The tone he gets on his voice is amazing. This is along the lines of the Beatles #1's or the ROlling Stone 40 licks. You have to have it. The re mastering is tops. Pick it up now.

Erykah Badu - New Amerykah - Impressive. Instant classic. Fresh. Innovative. I never paid a lot of attention to Erykah Badu other than the smoking lead single she released from each of her previous albums. Most of the songs sounded the same to me. Well that's changed with New Amerykah. As a music producer I'm impressed with the productions on this album. R&B sucks ass crack these days, no doubt. There is no imagination any more. Used to be when booty was sung about, there was imagery...poety...something other than "I'm gonna tap that shit 2nite". She may not have many solutions to todays problems, but she's found a unique way to talk about them. I haven't heard a record like this since Sly & the FAmily Stones "there's a riot goin on" (which is my all time favorite record period), and if the normal r&b record buyers respond to this masterpiece the way I think they will, it'll be a long time for I hear something like this again. All R&B singers can sing about is booty ass, thug love and sex, so I don't know where a social & political themed album can fit with todays tastes. Sad state. As a music fan I've found something I can listen to each month without it ever getting stale and crusty. Really, it's that good, and it's under the radar. Publications like Rolling Stone wouldn't know good R&B if it smacked them upside the head, and when they do review it it's often labled as being sloppy or unfocused. Ignore them. Scoop up a copy, put on your headphones, dim the lights and enjoy. Looking forward to the Part 2 release.

Radiohead : Hail to the Theif - Intetersting album, much like all Radiohead CD's. Not a single 'commercial' song on the CD. THese guys are about the music, and it seems their love for electronics is here forever.
Britney Spears : In the Zone - The production on this album is interesting. Her voice still sounds like 'still a girl, not yet a woman". It's one of those CD's where you know the videos have to be Bling Bling in order to warrant repeated listening. Interesting choice of producers.
CHingy : Jackpot - Like a lot of CD's these days, the albums are made after the 2-3 hit singles are produced. THe hits are nice (right thurr), the rest is just thurr.
Ludicris : CHicken and Beer - THe title doesn't do much for the civil rights struggle & stereotypes, but the CD has 3 bangers on it. Again it seems like the real effort goes into 3 songs, while the rest just kind of 'get made'.
Seal 4 - As usual Seal drops a quality CD. I know his overcompressed sound can be hard to take in large quantities, but his voice is always front and center. Inspirational and highly listenable is the way I'd describe it. Each record gets better and better.
Kanye West : College dropout - exceptional CD. With so much junk rap out now it's refreshing to hear a cd minus the 1,232,323 "I sell drugs, I got ho's, my rims are bigger' releases out there. Nice listening, nice beats.
Usher : Confessions - No different than any of his other CD's. Quality work, and enough music producers & engineers to keep you reading the credits for a good hour lol.
Yeah YEah Yeah's :Fever To Tell - 'Map's' is the song that drew me into these guys. DOn't you hate it when the name of the song has NOTHING to do with the content. Still this is one of the best CD's I've hear so far in 2004. Simple alternative rock, not over produced like most music today, and female vocals full of aingst always get me! CHeck it out. These guys have a bass player :-)
Bic RUnga : Beautiful collision  - Light n breezy is the best way to describe this one. ITs all over the map as far as style. Nice productions and a really seet voice. I love the female vocalists!
Joss STone - NIce voice. THis is almost like listening to a demo really. THing I like about her is that she lets the song come to her. I get so tired of the 'chruch nonsense' you hear in every song now. Vocal tricks, octave shifts. All not needed. Just sing the song with some conviction. As far as the sound of the album I really don't like it. I prefer studio sounding records than live band one's, but depsite that this is a nice set to listen to. Her remake of the WHite Stripes "Fell in Love with a girl" really is a testament to how good a writers they are. She sings the song with feeling, you can understand every word (now lol!), and leaves the vocal theatrics to American Idol contestants. Recommended.
Twista : Kamikazee - Nice variety of beats on this cd. Not exactly the kind of cd you want to listen too if you love your mom and repsect owmen, but Twista has a style that is unique to his own. If you can handle it for a whole cd than I recommened scooping this one up. Overnight Celebrity is a classic already, and the video also features extra cute & tanlented violinist Miri Ben-Ari.
Timbaland & Magoo : Under Construction 2 - I have high regards for Timbaland as a producer, he has (and continues) to make some pretty inovative singles. Full Albums aren't really his stronghold, but that's not really his (and other producers) fault. WHen your hot people will take ANYTHING you make, so it's easy to spread yourself to thin. He seems bitter about not recieving due credit and constantly makes reference to his 'beats' being stolen the day they come out. I hope he forgets about all that nonsense and just continues to make hot ass singles. I still remember the first time I heard "One in a Million" by Alliyah (the single) and was truly amazed at the effort put into it. OVerall and average CD.
Miquel Migs : Nude Tempo dj mix - 2 words. Smooth shit!
Sarah McLachlan : afterglow - Nice breezy CD. Made me want to moisturize my face or something. She's a class act and her cd's always have that calm cool feel to it. CHeck it out.
Jay-Z : Black album - TO me all of JAy-Z's cd;s sound the same. It's not a bad thing of course, but you know what your going to get (unlike outkast or someone like that). The retirement talk is ridiculous, there's no reason why he shoudln't be dropping cd's 1 or 2 times a year. Overall a good album. Hope he get's with some different producers next time round.
alicia keys - dairy of A Keys - I liked this one 300 times more than her first record. Best way to describe it is some nice smooth as shit. It gets off to a ruff start but after "you don't know my name" it's really nice listening. Past n present mixed together
chef raekwon - only built 4 cuban linx
wyndell long favorite chef  raekwon cuban linx
This is my all time favorite hip hop album.  I was amazed the first time I heard it and after 50+ times listening to it over the years it still is way ahead of it’s time.  Comparing it to hip hop made to day is really unfair.  Hip hop has regressed into an artform designed for 10 year olds made by 10 year olds.  Cuban Linx came out during the rich days of hip hop when labels focused on quality and producers didn’t beef with each other or spit their trademark names all over tracks.  This is a total package.  Try listening to Cuban Linx instrumentals and you really mix Raekwon’s flow (unlike dre 2001 inst cd).   You need both parts.  This is genious.  A once in a lifetime recording.  Chef (and rza in some ways) has had a hard time recreating the magic.  The problem is when you produce you have a set of tools you use which end up defining your method and sound for sessions.  RZA was on a creative roll with Cuban Linx.  I never heard beats like this before.  He was looping stuff that wasn’t meant to be looped.  You have vocal parts going along with the music that are looped at the oddest points.  John Woo samples are thrown in all throughout the cd, from his masterpiece ‘the killer’.  Ads to the drama.  The drum sound smacks you in the neck.  Even the cassette tape (the first format I listened ot it on, the purple tape) had a quality to it that set it high above other productions at the time.  Kick drums go REAL low, the snares pop and best of all it had this 8 bit quality to it.  Dirty, filtered, what ever you want to call it.  It’s an amazing recording.  The Chef’s lyrics are so far ahead you often forget that what he’s rapping about is basic thug 101.  It’s what’s missing in today’s hip hop, a lack of a descriptive narrative.  The slang is so self involved I needed cliff notes to understand half of what he and his guest stars were talking about.  Basslines are kept to a minimal, but when they are used they are sampled monsters.  The skits are funny as shit.    “Knuckleheadz”….has a rap cd ever gotten off to a better start.  It screams “no pop shit hear!’.  What your going to get is nothing buy underground sound.  “Knowledge God”, “Incarcerated Scarfaces”, “Rainy Dayz”, “Verbal Intercourse” are all songs that continue to fascinate me to this day.  As a musician the hardest thing for me to do is to keep things simple with productions.  I wish I could make complex simple tracks like the one’s RZA came up with for Cuban Linx.  Best left to the experts.  The flow is so futuristic that It makes modern hip hop sound like its being spit by a bunch of high school kids.  Only built for Cuban linx is a top 10 all time recorded music classic, and anyone who says different doesn’t respect rap. 
wyndell long favorite chef  raekwon cuban linx
I went for a walk with my cassette walkman.  I had scooped up this tape for $3.99 and decided to pop it in.  I was stunned.  In fact I doubled my walk time so I could listen to it twice.  It blew my mind.  I couldn’t believe  what I was hearing.  I had listened to their greatest hits cd which didn’t have any of these songs on it.  I though, good band.  Funky and poppy.  But There’s a Riot Goin on was something else.  It was like watching a entire family be born, growing up, growing  old, and dying right in front of your ears.  Often the record is really a meditation on depression.  Realising that life isn’t so fun, will never deliver it’s promise, and ultimately humanity is flawed to the bone.  The moments of joy are few and far apart.  The recording itself is on par with the Rolling Stone’s “Exile on main street”, you can believe they chose to have that dirty sound on purpose or that they simply recorded the album in the only places they could afford.  Just like the Stones CD I believe it was low tech studios that gave the grit, not special engineering.  There’s a riot Goin on sounds like dirt, funk and raw fish all thrown in the mix.  “Luv n Haight” , which opens the CD, is so groovy and out of the pocket that it’s 4 minute length feels like 2 minutes simply because you don’t ever want it to end.  “Feel so good inside myself, don't wanna move  Ah, feel so good inside myself, don't need to move.”   “As I grow up - I'm growing down - And when I'm lost - I know I will be found.”  The joy in the groove is masking some pretty dark sentiments here.  It’s a funeral procession masked by a celebration song.  Genius  stuff.  There is not 1 filler song on this cd.  “Just like a baby” is like watching a alcoholic get drunk and fall into depression.  “Family Affair”, the only song that could probally get radio play, is a alternative take on roots.  This is a realistic take on the family.  Where there is good there is usually bad.  It sounds like it was recorded underwater.  How they got that sound for Family Affair still amazes me.  All of the instruments seem to blend together.  The drums are there but they aren’t there.  “(You Caught Me) Smilin'” is a cry for help, being screamed out loud thru the basslines and horns.  My favorite “Time” is just pure genious.  “Time….Needs another minute, at least  Take your time…..But you've got a limit”  Straight up poetry.   “Time…..Is education Even when they tell you ….It's sophistication”  Hell yeah.  Getting older just plain sucks.  There’s no joy in knowing your going to get older and eventually cease to exist.  This song preaches that in a voice that sounds like a mirror has been glues in front of their eyes forever.  Just sit and watch it all slip away, moment by moment, impossible to slow down.    Great stuff.  “Runnin’ Away” is so cool.  Almost a funk longue song.  Witnessing a person make up every excuse they can to avoid facing what they really are.  An organ, rhythm guitar, bass n drum and almost flute like horns paint the canvass.  I can go on and on about this album.  My all time favorite CD.  Period.
Various "try it" movies 2
The Corruptor
Out of Sight
Thomas Crown Affair
X-FIles "Home" episode
Devil's Advocate
Love and a 45
Very Bad Things
The Hunted (great Samarui movie)
The Hunted (benecio, tommy lee jones)
Simple Plan
Zero Effect
Office Space
Flirting With Disaster
The Arrival
Chasing Amy (didn't like the ending..)
In the mouth of madness
Prince of Darkness
Romeo and Juliet
The Five Heartbeats
Hollywood Shuffle
Varsity Blues
Zatoichi (20+ films, martial arts)
Streetfighter (very violent,very nice)
Warriors of the magic moutain (Tsui Hawk Directed action)
Warriors of the magic moutain (Tsui Hawk Directed action)
Once Upon a time in China
Iron Monkey (classic)
Drunken Mater 2
Enter the Dragon (DVD version)
Legendary Weapons of China
Five Deadly Venoms
Midnight Run
Sisters (70's movie)
Badlands (sissy spacek......redheads man...)
SHe's all that
American Pie
Wishful Thinking
Kiss of Death
One Fine Day
body snatchers
Great white hope
Tusketee air men
Toy Story 1&2
Devil in a blue dress
rat pack
Don King story
WHite boyz
Absolute power
black and white
Pearl HArbor (also with dolby headphones track)
Terminator 2 ( also with dolby headphones track)
The MAtrix
The 5th Element (bass crazy)
Saving Private Ryan (amazing)
Das Boot
True Lies
Under Seige (won a oscar for sound editing)
Star Wars Films
Fight Club
Bourne Identity & Supremecy
The INcredibles
Blade 1 & 2
Kung Fu Hustle
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Lord of the Rings (pick one lol)
War of the Worlds
House of Flying Daggers
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
ANy GIven Sunday
Natural Born Killers
Black HAwk Down
Brotherhood of the wolf
Bad BOys 2
Kill BIll pt 1
Resident evil
DVD's for Cinematography
the crow
Blade 1 & 2
Saving PRivate Ryan
5th element
out of sight
Natural Born Killers
Fisher King
Do the Right Thing
Fight Club
Minority Report
Forces of Nature
Terminator 2
Dark City
The Cell
Any Given Sunday
Kung Fu Hustle
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Way of the Gun
Bourne Supremecy
House of Flying Daggers
Black HAwk Down
Batman Begins
Kill Bill pt 1
Star Wars (pick one)
Sky CAptain
Strange Days
The Frightners
Favorite Albums
Prince - Sign o' the times
The Velvet Underground & NICO
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
The Time - What Time Is It?
Public Enemy- Nation of Millions
Radiohead - OK Computer
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing
Chef Raekwon - Cuban Linx
Moby - Play
Sly and the Family Stone - There's a Riot Goin On
Guy - Guy
The Hunted (benecio, tommy lee jones)
Parliament - Funkentelechy vs Placebo Syndrome
Prince - most lp's up to Diamonds and Pearls. Respect!
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Beatles - Revolver & catalog (amazing)
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Led Zepelin - 2
The Replacements - All up to Shook Down
Ice Cube - Death Certificate
NWA -Catalog
Talking Heads - Speaking in tounges / Little Creatures
Kraftwerk - catalog
Jimi Hendrix - are u expirenced
The Smithereens - Especially for you
Gangstar - moment of truth
Seal - catalog, wonderfully overproduced
CHIC - catalog
Chemical Brothers - dig your own hole
Armand Van Helden - 2Future4U
Soundtract - West Side Story
David Holmes - Out of Sight soundtract
David Holmes - Let's get Killed
Curve - catalog
Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory
Basement Jaxx - Remedy
Plug - Dum n Bass for Papa
Dire Straits - Brother's in arms
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
Soundtract - Above the Rim
The Rolling Stone - Exile on Main Street (catalog)
The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
Rick James - Street Songs
Rei Harakami - Unrest
Peter Gabriel - So
Curtis Mayfeild - SUperfly
SLave - Greatest Hits collection
Debarge - In a special way
Michael Jackson - Catalog
Cyndi Lauper - She's so unusual
Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the night / catalog
Simply Red - Picture Book
Luther Vandross - The night I fell in love
Kelly Clarkson - breakaway
Fiona Apple - catalog
John Powell - Bourne Identity / Supremecy soundtracts
Akufen - my way
tegan and sara - so jealous
Steve Stoll - catalog
Joey Beltram (jb3) - catalog
Pink Flod - dark side of the moon
Stevie Wonder - Songs in the key of life / Hotter than july
the cure - catalog
808 state - Gorgeous
Music Reviews - all time fav

Sly & the Family Stone -There's a Riot Goin On*** this is a album I cherish. It's such a refreshing record to listen to in these overproduced days. It's like depression and joy all wrapped up in one record.

Radiohead - OK Computer *** Very rare that music, lyrics and creative productions find themselves on one cd. This was an extraordinary record. I still think the lead singer looks like Martin Short!

DJ Shadow - Endtroducing **** This is instrumental hip hop at it's finest. Albums like this don't come around to often in this day and age! It get's fresher each time I listen to it. I love the way it was mixed. The highs don't damage your ears after extended listening like most modern day recordings.

Basement Jaxx - Remedy **** If you have the capacity to use 200 samples per song, why not do it! These guys do it right. Never a boring moment in this record which often plays like a hollywood special effects reel!

Chef Raekwon - Only Built for Cuban Linx **** This is listened to at least once a month. Beats, lyrics, attitude... it's all there. A true hip hop classic in every sense. I never heard productions so raw before. Seems like the hooks were an afterthought. They didn't really need them!

The Time - What Time is it?****Can you beeline that Prince played all the instruments on this classic? Probaly why Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis left the ?band?!. Instrumentation on this is a study session for funk musicians.

Moby - Play **** Brilliant work. Very smart guy. Used all those public domain sound vocal samples on this record. He built the music around the sample, not vice versa.

Madonna - Ray of Light **** William Orbit did a number on this cd. His productions are top notch, and Madonna sounds like she cares about what she's singing. Great record.

Chemical Brothers - Dig your own hole **** Fantastic work! This one has always been my favorite. I couldn't get into the "Surrender" pop mode they are in now, but Dig your own hole is veddy veddy nice! I also loved the slew of cd maxi singles that went along with this. Not one preset sound on this record

Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory ***** It get's no smoother than this, even when it got rough. Crystal clear hip hop. Dry vocals (hardly any reverb or effects), smooth jazz grooves, and lyrics that compliment the vibe. "Scenerio" made Busta Rhymes one of the most immitated MC's, and "We got the Jazz" is in the dictionary under "Smooth"!

Kraftwerk - Computer Games ***** This record was beamed from the future. I used to study it long before I started doing music. How they came up with those ideas is beyond me. It's hard to be simple and complex at the same time for a musician. Multi layered synth plucks that seem random at first, but then become a melody. Lot's of random events that keep the electronic vibe still seem very human. They were WAY ahead of their time.


Various "try it" movies
Stir of Echoes
The Sixth Sense
Galaxy Quest
American Beauty
Blue Streak
South Park Movie
End of Days
The Messenger
Three Kings
Summer of Sam
Hidden Warrior (Jet Li)
Fight Club
Run Lola Run
Ghost Dog
Bone Collector
Boiler Room
The Limey
Being John Malkovich
The Insider (little to long, but good)
American History X
Final Destination
Bringing Out The Dead
Ravenous (very very nice soundtract!)
U-571 (great film!!)
Any Given Sunday (really enjoyed this)
Perfect Storm (for fish?)
XMen 1 & 2
Scary Movie
The Klumps
Gone in 60 seconds
The Cell (great visual movie, see it in widescreen. Don't listen to the "critics", it's not perfect, but then what is?)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Veddy funny!!)
Instinct (a little sappy, but watchable)
Summer of Sam (Spike without a message at last!)
6th day
red planet
space cowboys
legend of druken master 1 & 2
A better Tomorrow 2
The replacements (it's all right)
Crouching Tiger , Hidden Dragon
Favorite TV shows
Doctor Who
La Femme Nakita
Xena - Warrior Princess
The Simpsons
breaking bad
Married with children
Mellenium (1st season)
The X Files
Star Trek(original, next gen & voyager)
Arrested Development
Buffy the Vampire SLayer
Players (espn)
Malcome in the middle
All Time Favorites
Dr No
From Russia with Love
Live and Let Die
West Side Story
Blues Brothers
The Excorcist
Evil Dead series
Alien (first 2)
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Dr. Strangelove
Pulp Fiction
A Fish called Wanda
Back to the Future Trilogy
Bitter Moon
John Woo - The Killer
John Woo - Hard Boiled
Grosse Pointe Blank
Bourne Identity / Bourne Supremecy
Butterfly Effect
Kung Fu Hustle
The Matrix (1st one only)
The Hunted (Benecio)
Sin City
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind
High Fidelity
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Veddy funny!!)
Kill Bill pt 1
sex lies and videotape
fight club
any given sunday
the crow (brandon lee)
Blade 1 & 2 (the 3rd one was a digrace)
way of the gun
spiderman animated (mtv version)
startship troopers
terminator 2 & 3
frantic (widescreen release please!)
donnie darko
Godzilla vs ANYTHING
Gamera vs ANYTHING
more Favorite TV shows
The Daily Show
Dave Allen at large
Benny Hill
Son of Svenghouli
Knight Rider
Jhonny Sokko and his flying robot
Space Giants
Ultra Man
Speed Racer
Johnny Quest
New Zoo Review
SPiderman (mtv)
Spiderman (60's animated with that cool jazz music)
Iron Man
Land of the Lost
GI Joe
Beavis and Butthead
Liquid Television / Aeon Flux
Favorite Singles
This Mortal Coil - Song to the siren
Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
The Time - 777-9311
Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23
Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
DasEfx - Microphone Checka
Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far away
Seal - Crazy
The Cure - Just Like Heaven
The Motels - Only the Lonely
MC Lyte - Paper Thin
SOS Band - Take your time
Funkadelic - (not just) Knee Deep
Mandalay - Please / This Life
The Gap Band - Oops upside your head
KD Lang - Constant Craving
DOC - It's Funky Enough
Rolling Stones - Time is on my side
Yazoo - Situation / State Farm
Prince - Joy in Repetion
U2 - With or Without You
Radiohead - Karma Police
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Tanya Roberts - it's a pity
Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Beleives
Sonic Youth - Kool Thing
Rakim - Microphone Fiend
Parliament - Flash Light
The Smithereens - Blood and Roses
Stone Roses - What the world is waiting for
Art of Noise - Beat Box
Rick Springfeild - State of the Heart
Hall and Oates - I can't go for that
NIN - Perfect Drug
Love and Rockets - No New Tale to tell
Slave - Wait for me
Meat Beat Manifesto - Reaminator
SOS band - Take your time
Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
Sparkle - Be Careful
Mazzy Star - Fade into you
Thrill Kill Kult - A daisy chain for satan.
Globe - Play that beat
John Rocca - Once upon a time
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop
Willi Hutch - Brother's Gonna work it out!
My Mine - Hynotic Tango
Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove
Rick James and Teena Marie - Fire and Desire
Chaka Khan - Hot Butterfly
Mother's Finest - Love Changes
Electronic - Getting away with it
Elvis Costello - Alison
Malcom Mclaren - Bufallo Gals
Herb Alpert - Rise
808 State & UB40 - One in ten
Stone Roses - What the world is waiting for
Duran Duran - WIld Boys
The Cure - Never Enough
Jesse Johnson - Can you help me
KD Lang - Constant Craving
Rolling Stones - Almost here you sigh
Bruce Springstein - Billiant Disquise
Billy Joel - Matter of Trust
Power Station - SOme like it hot
Irene Cara - Flashdance
Sundays - Here's where the story ends
Talking HEads - Little Creatures
Thompson Twins - Sidekicks
Cat Stevens - Was dog a doughnut
Stone Roses - Fools Gold
Mod Wheel - SpiritCatcher
Joey Beltram - Heal
Robert Miles - Children
Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Terry's House
Steve Stoll - Circut Sex
Mike Dearborn - Birds on E
Jeff Mills - Reverting
Ken Lou - Mack Daddy Shoot
Rhythm is Rhythm - Beyond the Dance
808 State - Pacific remixes
Synewave 37 - Bside
Liasion's Dangerous - Puet de pas (perhaps)
Mike Dearborn - Razorsharp EP
Gusto- Disco's Revenge
Joey Beltram - Game Form
Paul Johnson - Music
Robert Armani - Ambulance
DJ Rush - Looking for excitement
DJ Sneak - Show me the way
Soho - Hot Music
Earth People - Earth People
Prince and the Revolution - Erotic City
Rhythm is Rhythm - Beyond the dance
Nuco - Illusion EP
Neil Landstrum - Brown by August
Dominatrix - Dominatrix
Yello - Bostich
Phuture - ACID
Jenny Burton - Rememberwhat youlike/players
Acid Farm - ?
Dj SNeak - Latin Sequel
Music Reviews - all time fav

Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814 ****This was a cd to study for me. The productions are mixed with some of everything. Some really inventive drum programming and sound usage. Extraordinary record. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are the stars here.

NWA - Niggaz 4 Life **** My favorite Dre produced record. Still sounds fresh. This was before he hit his P-Funk phase. Inventive hip hop productions all over the place here. Many of the drum parts are phased in wide stereo. Headphone listeners know what I'm talking about. The lyrics are like watching In Living Color!

Plug - Drum n Bass for Papa **** Luke Vibert is out there! This is a fantastic record. Really is study in rhythm exploration. Highly Recommenced.

Soundtrack - Face/Off **** I always found this soundtrack to be very interesting. It's about as low and as high as sound can go. Very nicely done. Fit the movie perfectly.

Seal - 2nd and 3rd releases **** I enjoy the Seal records because they are overproduced, but that's his style. You can hear the $$$$ drip out of your speakers with every note played by the 1000 session musicians hired. His voice ties all that instrumentation together. Always pleasant to return to.

Soundtrack - Out of Sight (David Holmes) **** Stripped down and raw is the best way to describe this one. Listening to it is like watching the movie again. Great work.

Public Enemy - It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us back **** I doubt their will ever be another trio of rap albums like Public Enemy's 1st three releases, this one being the best one. I remember the first time I heard "Don't Beleive the Hype". I had the volume down low while reading a magazine, and this noise & voice caught my ear. Then the voice said "TURN UP THE RADIO!" and that's precisely what I did.

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless **** This record blew my mind. After listening to this chord and that chord on the guitar, it was refreshing to hear chords stacked on top of each other. The guitars almost sound like synthesizers. You couldn't understand one word that was being sung, but hey, you really didn't need to. This was way ahead of it's time.

The Velvet Underground & NICO **** I was truly amazed with this one. Very innovative, and timeless. It's also very real when you listen to it. Huge drug references, desperate love, silly ballads. This had everything and continues to amaze people to this day. Very very nice!

Prince - Purple Rain ***** Prince is the artist that made be beleive you could do it all yourself as a musician. This album has some of his most catchiest work, but every song is radical in design. "When Doves Cry" still sounds truly amazing. To think it once had a bass line is scary. I can't imagine there ever being one. "Take me with You" is still one of my favorites. Song for song there's nothing I had to fast forward on this one. Incredible record.

Favorite Doctor WHo episodes
Image of the Fendhal
Pyramids of Mars
Hand of Fear
Claws of Axos
Deadly Assasin
The Visitation
Rememberance of the Daleks
Tomb of the Cybermen
Mark of the Rani
The Pirate Planet
City of Death
The Daemons
Keys of Marinus
Ark in Space
Arc of Infinity
human nature
girl in the fireplace
wyndell long favorite chef  raekwon cuban linx
wyndell long favorite chef  raekwon cuban linx
wyndell long favorite chef  raekwon cuban linx
wyndell long favorite chef  raekwon cuban linx
wyndell long favorite chef  raekwon cuban linx


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